When you’re wedding planning, it can feel like there’s an endless list of ‘shoulds’. Websites, friends, family and wedding media tell you that you NEEEEED this, that and the other for you to have a REAL wedding! A short list of some so-called ‘must-haves’ that we put firmly in the ‘only if you want to/have the budget/can be bothered/feel really strongly about’ pile include:
– Matching getting ready outfits for the wedding party
– Inviting everyone you’ve ever met, or your parents have ever met
– Signature cocktails
– Helicopter arrival to the wedding
– 13 different pre-wedding events that just make you exhausted
BUT- You’ll notice that we don’t include engagement photoshoots in the above list. That’s because there are several great reasons to invest in a pre-wedding camera session. Here are our top 3, with special guest comments from one of our favourite Adelaide wedding photographers, Tony and Tereza from Wilson & Lewis Photography!

Taylor & Daniel’s engagement shoot at Hallet Cove, by Wilson & Lewis Photography

1. To document a pretty huge milestone
Never again will you be engaged! And it is a huge deal. Looking back on professional images of your time as an engaged couple will remind you of this special time and all the emotions that go with being newly engaged. You’re never going to regret having some gorgeous shots of the two of you at this unique point in your lives.

Amanda & Lyndon’s engagement shoot at Mount Osmond by Wilson & Lewis Photography

2. Get you comfy in front of the camera!
An engagement session is the perfect opportunity for the camera shy to feel comfortable with how things will roll on the actual wedding day. You can figure out how to pose without posing and have a bit of a laugh at the same time. As Tereza puts it: “From a photographer’s point of view, engagement shoots are so much fun. We get to figure out what works for you ahead of time, and we get to bond with you, hearing the story of how you fell in love whilst sharing a glorious sunset together. It’s also the best way to get some practise and feel confident in front of the camera. Feedback from our couples say that their engagement session made their photos feel easier, quicker, and way more relaxed on the wedding day. Laughter is the by-product of what we do!! Prepare to have sore cheeks by the end! It’s honestly such a great experience and not as scary or daunting as a lot of people think.”

Erica & Hayden’s engagement shoot at Kuitpo Forrest by Wilson & Lewis Photography

3. You get images to use for your wedding
Wedding website, save the dates, social media and more, having some gorgeous, current photos of the two of you as a couple will make your wedding planning so much easier! You won’t have to search through old facebook posts to find a half decent photo of you together, and you will have print quality images that will make your stationery sing.

A final word from our photographers to convince you? “Engagement shoots are a great way to spend some special time with your soulmate without the distractions of everyday life. It’s about a shared experience, a little adventure, and a whole lot of love! So, if you are considering it, just go for it. We promise you won’t regret it!”

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