Planning for your wedding is one of the most exciting journeys of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. When it comes to selecting (or designing) your suit, it should be a fun and educational process that captures your style and personality. Here are some tips from Australian custom, made-to-measure suiting brand InStitchu.

1. What sort of wedding is it?
It’s a simple question, but one that you’ve probably given a lot of thought. Is it a formal and old-fashioned affair? Best to keep it classic and opt for a tuxedo, the most formal option at your fingertips. Is it casual? If it’s by the water, lightweight linen might be the right call, or if it’s something more rural or rustic, mismatched chinos and a blazer could be the right call. Something in the middle? A classic navy lounge suit will be timeless and work with any theme or style. In the same way you reach for a different outfit depending on the type of party or workplace you’re headed to, the right level of formality is the first and most important thing to consider.

2. What are the practical things you need to think about?
If it’s the middle of an Australian summer, a thick suit won’t work – you’ll perspire through the wool before you even say ‘I do’. If it’s going to be cool, you might need something a little thicker, and if you really aren’t sure, something in the middle (like 100% Australian Merino wool) will cover both boxes. Colour is another important practical consideration – how will your suit (and your groomsmen’s suits) work within the overall colour scheme of the bridesmaids, flowers and decorations. Tip: neutral colours like navy, black and grey go with everything. And, if you’re planning on a particularly athletic first dance (think Dirty Dancing lifts) you need to make sure there’s enough give in your trousers to avoid any sudden splits. Think your day through and keep the practical demands in mind.

3. How can you make the suit your own?
After all, your wedding is a day that’s supposed to represent you. While that doesn’t mean you should overshadow your better half, there are an array of details that you can customise to reflect your personality and style. Custom lining, button selection, pocket style, and even monogramming can be used to craft suits that really capture your personality and make the day feel special. One of the best parts about using a made-to-measure custom suiting is you can tinker with every detail, making sure your once-in-a-lifetime day has a once-in-a-lifetime suit.

[Ed. note: we love that InStitchu Adelaide are right in the middle of town, have the friendliest and most helpful staff and offer amazing, affordable custom suits!]

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