Ok we get it, we’re living in a digital age! When was the last time you sent or received and actual letter?! Part of what makes weddings special though, is that they’re out of the ordinary. It’s not everyday you get to celebrate the love and life of two amazing people! So we figure, the special-ness should start right at the beginning, with an invitation in the post. We called in one of the best in the stationery biz, Jenna from Wonderland Invites, who gave us her top 5 reasons you’re not going to want to skip the stationery.

When it comes to wedding paper-goods, there are two types of couples: there are those that would rather spend their money elsewhere, which is totally their prerogative…and there are those that really value beautiful graphic design. Of course, as a stationery, I am totally biased…I think stationery is incredibly important. And whilst I offer a range of packages to suit different budget levels, I do think a good bespoke-designed suite makes a huge impact.
So that this doesn’t turn into an essay about paper, I’ll keep this super short! Here are my top five reasons why quality stationery for your wedding is a meaningful investment.

  1. Stationery is something you can both get involved with
    As with any wedding, there are decisions you make together, and there are decisions you make by yourself. However, stationery is one of the ways in which you can actually sit down together as a couple and make some really great decisions between the two of you. Of course, the nitty gritty secrets of your wedding don’t need to be exposed to each other…the dress, your gifts to each other, your speeches, etc…but you both know the time, date and location of your wedding, and what your colour scheme/styling vibe is, etc. So have some fun with it!
  2. Design can showcase your couple style
    Do you like a good bottle of red? Or are you getting married where you had your first date? Whatever it is that’s super special to you both, why not include it? I’ve had requests to include horses for an equestrian-loving couple, family dogs, venues and churches, hops for a hop farming couple, native flowers, beach scenes, Chinese symbols nodding to a couples heritage…literally, the list is endless. Whatever it may be, remember that your invites will provide a window into your big day for your guests. Will your day be casual and fun, or elegant and chic, or perhaps formal and traditional? Intertwining your couple story with the general flavour of the day will help your guests make a whole host of decisions, from how to dress to how drunk they can get at the reception!
  1. Your stationery communicates vital information
    Whether you are getting married in a barn, a winery, your parents field or a chic city hotel, be sure to provide your guests with the information they need to make informed choices about your day. They’ll need to know where can they stay, how can they get home, whether the bar takes cash or just card, etc. Providing such details will help your guests manage their attendance, so be sure to include as much information as possible to help their day run smoothly. On the day itself, stationery acts as a signpost – a welcome sign welcomes your guests, a table plan lets them know where they are sitting, an order of the day lets them know when they can have a drink/chillout, and a menu lets them know what they are eating.
  2. It’s something meaningful to keep
    After all is said and done, flowers will wilt, the food and cake will have been eaten and morning after the night before feeling will have subsided. Aside from your memories, your only physical reminders of your wedding day will be your photographs, your outfit (if you don’t choose to sell it) and your wedding invites. They are something tangible you can hold in your hand; something which you can lovingly store away and show your children and grandchildren one day.
  1. It’s art
    Precisely that. Your wedding stationery is art. It is something which a designer has created especially for you; helping you to bind your love together through the medium of paper. It’s a memory, a keepsake.

    So there you go…five worthy reasons why wedding stationery is worth investing in! If you have any questions or would like to work with Jenna on your wedding invites and on the day stationery, please feel free to get in touch: jenna@wonderlandinvites.com | www.wonderlandinvites.com
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