Why hiring is better than buying

You can’t fail to notice that Facebook, Ebay and Gumtree are full of listings of previous couple’s styling props and vessels, some even listing them BEFORE they even get married as being available after their big day.

Whilst it’s quite fun to browse through all of the items, buying your own styling pieces in this way can come at a price.


With all the excitement of planning your wedding you can easily be seduced by the idea of buying everything you need thinking that you’ll be saving yourself a bundle of money. I hate to break it you however that isn’t necessarily the case.

I’ve observed that some of these items are quite over priced for what they are plus before you know it you’ve spent heaps of time in your quest for the perfect props which of course is fine if you have all the time in the world. If you’re working full time I’d say your weekends, evening and spare time are quite precious.

You may then find yourself having to drive to the other side of Adelaide and back again to collect your purchases and store them before the big day. And then what happens?  You’re left with a whole load of wedding styling pieces you no longer need so you then spend more time on the net putting them up for sale and corresponding with interested Brides to be (with varying degress of success).  If time is money then you’re on a losing mission here.


To keep it short, sharp and shiny, here’s the reasons why hiring is better.

  • Save time sourcing, collecting and selling
  • Save money as hiring is cheaper than buying plus you’ll save delivery costs
  • Save your home and garage turning into a storage facility



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