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Introducing Magnolia Press who is one of our sponsors this Spring.  Owner and creative director Sharon designs and prints both digital and letterpress stationery using two amazing antique presses in her home based studio. Sharon’s written this extremely informative post about wedding stationery which includes timelines for when to get things done by and lots of tips about choosing the right stationery for you. Over to Sharon!


There are many factors which determine what type of stationery you choose for your wedding or event. Is it a strict budget, the wow factor for your guests, or just because you would love to have something nice to start people getting excited about your big day!

You may choose a DIY option or have them professionally printed by someone who knows the ins and outs of what to do. But even before you decide how you’re going to have your stationery, you need to work out what pieces you would like.

Save The Date

Firstly there are the Save the Date cards. Generally they are sent our between 6-12 months before the wedding but we recommend organising these closer to the 10-12 months ahead, especially for guests needing to travel or if you plan to have your wedding during a social time of the year. Save the date cards are usually simpler design and a smaller size than your invitations.



Next we love to work on your invitations – the main event! If choosing digitally printed stationery, what papers would you like, matt or shimmer? Would you like embellishments, will it bulk the envelopes and therefore cost more to post. What size do you want – will it fit all the text? These are just some of the things worth considering. We love designing stationery where the design speaks for itself, using premium papers. Letterpress is great for a sophisticated look, where the beautiful impression is the feature, and feeling the soft fluffy papers makes it that even more special. Send these 2-3 months before your wedding.

Letterpress papers are made from short fibred cotton, which is made especially so we can create that tactile finish. The ink colours are endless, but sometimes we have requests to mix letterpress invitations with digital response cards, and that’s where it can get tricky. Some colours we can match well, especially black, but there may be colour shade variations. Either way we can help you decide on the best option.

If you do choose letterpress, we ask how many colours would you like. You see, each colour on the design requires its own plate which is set up in our antique machines. The most cost effective option is one colour, but some designs look great in two, or three. The way to add colour to your stationery suite without adding huge plate costs, would be through your envelopes or personalised guest name bands.

Other stationery pieces such as response cards and gift/ travel information cards are popular. Response cards generally have a space for the guests to write their names, and if they are attending. Other points to consider would be dietary requirements or if you are organising a bus service to and from the wedding/ reception. Some couples ask if there is a favourite song they would get up and dance to at the reception.



Information cards are helpful for any accommodation suggestions if the day is in a remote area or if you have guests travelling. If you have the bus service, pick up times can be noted and of course the gift details if you are having a registry or wishing well.
Stationery on the day is varied, especially if you are having a church ceremony, and may need Order of Service programs, or if it’s a beautiful garden ceremony a flat simple card, expressing thanks especially for those in the wedding, and a general list of proceeding.

As your guests enjoy there pre dinner drinks and canapés, a printed table seating chart is fantastic for allowing guests to casually find where they are seated, so once welcomed into the reception area, there isn’t a crowd of people wondering around looking for their seat. Ushers are also great for personally showing guests to their seats.

Menu + Place Cards

Menus can be arranged through your venue, or if you want everything to be designed in the same style as the rest of your stationery, we can also print your menus. They can be folded ones which are placed at the centre of your tables, providing there is room and won’t look too cluttered or over take your arrangements. Another option would be to personalise each menu with your guest’s name, which then is place at their seating, and can be referred to through the evening. Most couples choose to have menus which are subtle and blend in, leaving their stunning flowers or candelabras to be the focus.

Place cards may also be needed, which helps guests find there seat, once again, these are generally kept simple, but ties in with the style. Bonbonniere tags can be doubled up as a place setting tag, with your guests name on the front, and a thank you message on the reverse.

Lastly, the other common stationery piece is thank you cards. While traditionally these were hand written to each guests thanking them for their kind generosity and gift, handwriting 100-200 may take a while and you may feel as though you would like to send them a nice photo and a generic message. Some photographers offer this with their package, others are happy to provide images and we can design postcard style thank you’s, or plain notecards.



Lately we have been working on some other projects such as signage for your day, such as chalkboard/wooden welcome signs, menus, cute quotes and verses etc.



We welcome appointments on some weeknights and Saturdays.



t:  0449504379

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