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The gorgeous Bel Nation, wedding Celebrant extraordinaire writes a post about why it’s good to take a step back and take time to think about what your wedding day means to you and why your ceremony quite rightly is a big part of that.


Are you planning a wedding or for a marriage?

So the question has been asked and you said yes! Congratulations! Awesome times ahead….. Now before you have even had time to enjoy being engaged your head is buried deep in bridal magazines (which is definitely putting a dent in the wedding budget), liked every post of bridal bouquet’s on Instagram and that Pinterest board you started years ago is in overdrive.

But whilst you are busy planning for that one day of your life where you are hoping that everything will be perfect just take a step back for a moment and ask yourself ‘what is this day all about?’
I have met some amazing couples lately and as a celebrant I love hearing all the details about how they met, what they love about one another (and maybe not so much!) and what getting married means to them and I have to say I have some pretty switched on couples. You see, I am definitely noticing a trend lately where couples are more focused on what the wedding day is all about and what that celebration means.
Yes, ok, we know it’s one big party with a whole lotta booze and cake (yum!!) but more than that as cheesy as this may sound it IS a celebration of your love for one another and the promises that you will make to each other surrounded by the people that you love. I am seeing couples do away with the red carpet aisle, 5 bridesmaids and groomsmen on both sides, string quartet (well maybe it was a violinist) and all the gloss of a la de dah wedding. They are bringing it back to basics and letting the union of becoming husband and wife be the biggest statement that they can make. They are sitting down and thinking about what it is that they want said in their ceremony and how their vows will reflect the tone for their marriage. They are not getting caught up in what a wedding should look like be but more focusing on what a marriage should be; and that starts with your ceremony.
The ceremony doesn’t have to be long, preachy and crammed packed with all the rituals and readings you could google but a good celebrant will listen to your ideas and who you both are as a couple and help you stay true to who you are. They will steer you away of the direction of doing ceremony things, just because you saw it in your cousins wedding two years ago and you thought that was the way things were done!

So don’t plan for the perfect wedding day, plan for an amazing “start of marriage day” and the rest will just fall into place.


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  • I just got engaged and i LOVE this blog. Just I needed to read to reassure me that what we want is going to be perfect for US.