Clint & Madeleine

‘I cheese you to brie my Wife’ asked Clint and Madeleine of course said yes!  Six months later they were married in the grounds of an old cottage in the Barossa. This beautiful wedding features many LCA vendors along with an abundance of styling from By The Oaktree that you’re going to LOVE!

The Engagement

We were heading down to Strathalbyn to see Clint’s Nanna but we left a bit earlier than we usually do.  I had a hunch we were heading in the wrong direction but didn’t say anything as I am terrible with directions! We ended up at Alexandria cheese company and I was soooooo excited because I love cheese so much. We ordered a massive cheese platter and were enjoying the views and I noticed Clint was playing with his food and was quieter than his normal self. Then he presented me with a ring he had just made out of cheese and said, ‘I cheese you to brie my wife.’ I started crying, said yes and then Clint told me to turn around as the shop assistant was waiting to take a photo!


Clint and I wanted something different and casual yet unique. We wanted plenty of food and drink along with dancing to The Spice Girls and other classic ’90s gems that we so love.  I also love lace and from that the vintage styling started to present itself. The week after we got engaged we had our brother in laws 40th birthday in their old barn and heard all their great ideas of doing it up. That’s when we realised that with great styling, the barn would be the perfect place for us to be able to have something different, embracing the casual feel we were after along with plenty of unique details and character.

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Photography:  Susie Styler Photography

Styling + Prop Hire:  By The Oaktree

Celebrant: Bel Nation

Flowers: Lilli-Anthus

Tipi: Two Brothers Event Co

Venue: Private Property in the Barossa

Cake Topper:  Bluebelle Studio


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