A Vintage Carnival Wedding

I’m really not kidding when I say this is probably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever set eyes on. Incorporating a vintage carnival theme with a stellar line up of vendors and a touch of DIY, this wedding has it all and then some.

It’s photographed by Joshua Kane Photography, a destination photographer orginally from Adelaide and currently living in the U.S HOWEVER he is moving back to Adelaide this March!!

This wedding has personal links to Joshua since it’s actually his Sister Samara’s wedding. I’m so grateful to Josh for submitting this wedding and taking to time to put together some background on the story of Russell and Samara  .  It’s an absolute corker. I love it! Here’s the story……

The Proposal

Samara and I had casually talked about marriage and weddings, and casually shopped for what kind of rings looked nice. So after spotting one we liked, I bought it, and kept it hidden until christmas day. I made sure the night before I had the approval of Samaras father, and let him in on how i planned to drop my knee and pop the Question. So on Christmas day, with Samaras brother Josh and his family overseas, we hold off on presents until we can skype and share our joy. But we couldn’t get hold of Josh, he had pretended to be ‘stuck at work’  SO we had to go ahead with the present opening with out Josh, and as the last presents were being open, I shouted, ‘one more everyone’ I grabbed the ring and got down on one knee, and Samara started to cry instantly. It was such a great day, we have a huge Family christmas every year, and it was great to share it with them. Then to top it all off Josh showed up sneakily flying all day from Florida, having not been home for 2 years, he arrived at the christmas function unannounced, so it was even greater to share the joy with him.

When it came to wedding prep and dealing with vendors, I’m happy to take the credit. It was a lot of hard work, but I managed to get a lot of terrific vendors on board who shared our vision and helped us fulfill our dreams for the day. We are especially greatful to our photographer, Josh, not only is he my very talented photographer brother, he helped us sooo much when it came to the finer details of organising the big day, his wealth of experience was a godsend!


Above all else, we wanted our wedding to be fun for everyone involved, young and old, family and friends.  And since we love all things vintage, what could be more fun than a vintage summer carnival? We had 13 different vintage lawn and carnival games, with custom prize ribbons and tickets for winners who could then redeem tickets for novelty prizes and lollies. We also had traditional carnival fare such as fairy floss, popcorn, dagwood dogs, mini beef sliders and hot cinnamon donuts during carnival time.

 Our Favourite Moment

We loved dancing the night away outside under a fabulous fairy light canopy. Our guests loved the open photobooth which uploaded photos straight to facebook.

The one thing I always dreamt of from the very start of our planning, was fireworks. We gave up on the idea because of the hassle of getting council permission. But as everyone partied on into the night under a fairy light canopy, fireworks randomly began to light up the sky. I was so shocked and surprised I started crying, I couldn’t believe it! But it wasn’t any of us or our families who organised it. We put it down to a happy coincidence that another event nearby had organised them, but we still have no idea where exactly.

We also loved our lighting and our guests loved the open photobooth which uploaded photos straight to facebook.


To give the the ceremony and reception areas a real carnival feel, we handmade over 100m of oversized bunting and collected a lot of vintage wares such as jars, bottles, trunks and wooden crates.


My grandmother, Nanny Lynne, wrote a beautiful poem which she read out during the ceremony, and we asked Russell’s sister, Jayne, to read a second poem we had chosen ourselves, so both families were represented in the ceremony.

 The Dress

I saw and tried on my dress at the first shop I went to, Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal Centre. I always thought I’d end up with a vintage lace dress, but I fell in love with the layers of soft, pleated silk tulle of the Demitrios gown, and nothing else I tried on felt as fun.

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Photos: Joshua Wood http://www.joshuakanephotography.com.au

Bridal gown: Demetrios from Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal Centre www.jennyandgerrysbridal.com.au/

Flowers: Fleurs de Nadia www.fleursdenadiaflowers.com.au/‎

Rings: Everett Brookes www.everettbrookes.com.au/‎

Bridesmaids dresses: Modcloth www.modcloth.com, FleetCollection www.etsy.com/shop/FleetCollection and Unique Vintage www.uniquevintage.com.au

Groom and Groomsmen suits: Tarocash www.tarocash.com.au

Grooms Shoes: Hype DC www.hypedc.com.au

Ceremony, Reception and Catering: St Mark’s College, North Adelaide www.stmarkscollege.com.au/

Cake: Lyndulge – Cakes by Lyndal McDonnell

Reception stylist and Signage: Style and Discourse www.styleanddiscourse.com

Hair and Make up: Christine Versac and Jo Clayton www.jomakeupartist.com

Music: Triplescore www.triplescore.com.au/

Celebrant: Cecilia White www.ceciliawhitecelebrant.com/

Transport: Royal Daimler from Classic Jags http://www.classicjags.com.au/

Lighting: Lush Lighting www.lushlighting.com.au

Custom Lawn Games: Wayne Churchett https://www.facebook.com/woodworkingwithwayne

Custom Prize Ribbons: Just Ribbons http://justribbons.com.au/

Photobooth: Open Photobooth www.openphotobooth.com.au

Marquees and ceremony chairs: Budget Party Hire www.budgetpartyhire.com.au

Vintage Lounges: Lily and Bramwell http://lilyandbramwell.com.au/


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