Top Tips Vendors Want You to Know

As experts in their fields and with years of experience under their belt, we asked some of our vendors what their top tips are and we’re so excited to share them with YOU!

 top tips your wedding vendors want you to know

Forewarned is forearmed; this is a prettylong blog post but we’re not going to apologise about that because it’s full of simply incredible wedding planning advice! This is a post you’ll definitely want to bookmark.



Bridget Quain Photographer
Something that is often overlooked is the availability of natural light on your wedding day.  Unless you’re enlisting a photographer who uses studio lights on location, most will utilise natural light.  It’s important that couples consider the sunrise and sunset times for their wedding day, as this changes throughout the year. Knowing the best time of day for photos is something your photographer can help you with and will help get the best out of your images.


Circle The Date Weddings & Events

Once you’ve decided on your supplier lock them in. Sign the contract and get that booking fee paid. Until that has happened the service is not secure and you may miss out!


Renee Lee Boudoir Photography

Contact your boudoir photographer at least 6 months in advance of your wedding. Just like you book your wedding photographer in advance, you should book your boudoir photographer in advance also.  From the shoot, to editing images, to designing and ordering an album, it all takes time – allow about 6-8 weeks from shoot to delivery of your products. Also, if you give a boudoir album to your groom as a gift on the morning of your wedding, make sure your wedding photographer is there to capture his reaction while he opens his amazing gift so you can see the look on his face!

Postage Costs

Bluebelle Studio

Consider the size of the invitation you’ve chosen and how it affects the postage as it could end up costing more than you think!


Kate Browne Blissful Ceremonies

It doesn’t matter what time of year you decide you get married, there is always the chance of rain, wind, 40⁰ temperatures or other conditions that can throw out your carefully planned ceremony.

So, having a plan B is a must. This may mean having an indoor space or marquee lined up, or having blankets, umbrellas or fans ready to ensure that you and your guests are as comfortable as possible on the day. Keep an eye on the weather in weeks leading up to your big day and visit your ceremony venue a couple of times if you can to get a feel for the conditions.

Remember, the weather is the one thing that is completely out of your control, but being prepared is the way to keep those pre-wedding stress levels as low as possible!


The Queens Quarters

By organising as much as you can from one styling/hire company you’ll save heaps on delivery charges and minimise stress as you’ll have fewer vendors to deal with.

Add In Some Wiggle Room

Israel Baldago Photography

Plan some buffer in your timeline. Weddings almost never run on time, so give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the day and add some wiggle room when it comes to your schedule. It may only be an extra 5 or 10 mins for each part, but it adds up throughout the day. Remember your wedding only happens once, as photographers, we can freeze time – but unfortunately, we cannot give you more of it.

Appoint a Go-to person

Appoint a go-to person for the night, make it someone who is not in the bridal party and not a parent.  Someone who knows you well and what you would be happy with.  If anything doesn’t go to plan or we need to check something we are not interrupting the most important people on the night.


When choosing a venue/house to get ready at consider the available spots where portraits can be taken. Also, anything you don’t want in the background of your photos, move it or tidy away before the day as too much clutter in the background can spoil getting ready photos.


Get at least 3 people to look at your stationery proofs before print. Tired eyes can often miss mistakes!


If you’re stuck for ideas on how your wedding should be, my advice would be to stop trying to plan a wedding and instead plan a really awesome party. When you do things the way you want to do them they become all the more special and will hold a way more tangible and special meaning in your heart for a long time!

 Choose Your Company

Surround yourself only with the people that have the same vibe and outlook that you are going for. This includes family, friends and vendors alike. The people involved in your day will have a huge impact on how this will make you feel and the level of stress involved. Choosing experienced, like-minded vendors, with proven results, will give you confidence that your plans will turn out how you’d like them to. Surrounding yourself with positive supportive friends and family will help you ride through any unexpected moments and help you to stay calm and just enjoy the experience.

Brilliant Beverages

Simplify your drinks selection to make it easier on both your staff and your guests. Also, from experience, we know that having a self-serve bar will likely cost you more in drinks than hiring staff. Arrange to have glasses and bottles collected to avoid a messy look in photos and if you are having a pop-up bar in a garden, park, rustic location ensure a cool room is located close to the bar for staff to access. Lastly, avoid offering a bar service for longer than 6hrs of alcohol consumption. Trust us, it can become costly and messy!

Meet Your Vendors

Adixions Cakes and Chocolates

Meet your cake designer in person so that you can enjoy a taste test! I love meeting couples to discuss their wedding cake and desserts as it’s a great way for me to get a real feel for your style.


Champagne can be used as a focal point, centrepiece, or that ‘ohh ahh’ as an added extra when doing your toast – and what a photo opportunity!


GOLD Cutlery Hire

If you’re hiring cutlery for your tablesettings, wear white gloves while you’re laying your table to ensure your cutlery continues to sparkle!


Love Cherish Adore

We churn this piece of advice out year after year, however it’s a game changer when it comes to being and feeling organised.  Using a dedicated email address you can send and receive all of your wedding communication from one address so it doesn’t get lost in all of your day to day inbox chaos.

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