The hidden benefits of a Midweek Wedding

Our friend Kathy from Little Vintage Bar & Van gives some great advice on saving some serious money on your wedding.

With every wedding season that goes by, we’re seeing more and more couples becoming budget conscious. And with good reason since a wedding with all the trimmings can cost over $40k+.

As weekday weddings double in popularity, couples are discovering significant benefits to their overall budget without having to skimp on style.   If getting married on a Saturday is a tradition then why not be a rule-breaker?!

Key Benefits to a mid-week wedding

You can have your chosen venue and often at a mid-week rate rather than a weekend rate
You’re more likely to be able to book your preferred choice of vendor
You can often have extra time to style your venue
Your guests will love spending more time with you over the coming weekend
You’re not competing with a line up of other couples for your popular date
Your venue may not have a minimum guest requirement for a midweek wedding

THIngs to consider

If you are considering a midweek wedding, it’s best to give your guests extra lead time to plan their work leave, flights and travel etc. Apart from that, we can’t see any disadvantage at all to having a midweek wedding.


Little Vintage Bar & Van

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