The Perfect Kitchen Tea

Some call it Kitchen Tea, while others will call it a Bridal Shower. Which ever you choose to call it, this is the event typically organised by the Bridesmaids which is centred around food and drink in celebration of the impending wedding.  It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate love and friendship before the Bride begins the new chapter of her life as a Wife.

If you’re a Bridesmaid to be and you’ve never organised one before, here’s a few tips to get you started.


You may want to think about getting a cute invitation organised.  Local designers may have a template available at an affordable cost. Here’s a lovely sample by local designer Akimbo.


Invite: Akimbo

Since kitchen tea’s aren’t as raucous as a hen’s party, it’s a good idea to invite the bridal party, the Brides closest friends and female members of both the Bride and Groom such as the Mother of the Bride and Groom, Aunties and Grandparents.

Food & Drink

High tea type food is a good place to start with including lashings of tea, cake and champagne if you fancy!



There’s no strict rule as to what to buy however household kitchen type items are a good choice. Maybe a snazzy apron, some sophisticated glassware or simply a beautiful vase.


There’s a few games you could look to arrange.

Wedding charades  – Act or sing out something wedding related

Pass The Parcel – To open a layer you need to answer a question about the Brides

Pin The Bouquet – Arrange a poster sized picture of the Bride, blindfold and spin each guest around, give them a flower with a pin on it and get them to pin it as close to the Brides hair as possible.


Dependent on the look you’re going for,  the basics you’ll need are flowers, signage and pretty china.

If you’re time poor you could always enlist a stylist or planner to take care of everything for you!

Kitchen Tea Vendors We Love

To make your planning a little easier, stop by our online directory for a list of stationery designers, florists, stylists, caterers & gifts to make your kitchen tea planning a breeze!

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