The No Rule Book Wedding

There are many words to describe this gorgeous wedding which has been submitted by Alex Kwong Photography.   I first met Alex at the Barossa Wedding Fair this May and I was blown away by both his personality and his photography. He sees and captures weddings in a light that can’t be taught and is hands down one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

The perfect photographer for this cute wedding too.  The Bride and Groom took their wedding planning personally and as you’ll read later, in their own words they ‘threw out the rule book’. I love that.  There shouldn’t be any rules to planning your wedding and making it your own makes it one million times more special and memorable than your stock standard wedding factory affair. Before you enjoy Alex’s coverage, here are some words from the proud Groom….

The Proposal

I proposed to Kelly in our Community Garden plot on April 12 2014. I had spent the two months prior secretly running away to Everett Brookes jeweller to work on her engagement ring, picking the specific diamonds and shaping the band myself. On the day I made her pancakes for breakfast, went shopping, and had organised a couples massage. Afterwards we stopped by the community garden, where I got on one knee and asked her if she would marry me. It took her to awhile for her to realise I wasn’t kidding, but she did eventually cry and say yes!


We had previously had talked about what we would want to do for our wedding prior to our engagement so when it came to planning there were no surprises. It was very personal; we threw out the rule book and focused on what was important to us. For example, we had dessert but no cake, and Kelly’s shoes were white latin dance heels for easy dancing! We did use Pinterest and a lot of ‘How-to’ websites, going to craft shops and handmaking the bouquet on the day, the hairpiece and a piñata for people to put messages in for us to break open in a year’s time!

The Wedding

We were married and held the reception at Old Oval Estate in McLaren Vale. The venue was perfect for us, mixing the scencic settings of a winery with the freedom to do our own thing in a casual and fun way. We hired in furniture and a dancefloor, chose to have buffet style roast meats and salad dinner, bought our own drinks and hired some staff to serve.

Our friends and family helped us set up and pack down, and with such a stunning garden and Old Oval Estate’s little touches like the white draping, we barely had to decorate. However, my aunty made up some beautiful floral table pieces from her garden.

Our Favourite Moment

Besides having our quiet time together doing photos in the vineyard, we loved seeing all our friends and family dancing the night away together on the dancefloor.

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Photography: Alex Kwong Photography

Celebrant: Vicky Flanegan

Venue: Old Oval Estate

Dress: The Vintage Bride Boutique with alterations by Sarta Boutique

Hair and makeup: Portabello Hair

Catering: Adelaide Hills Catering and Always At Your Service

Hire: Australian Hiring Company

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