The Case for Winter Weddings

Today we’re sharing another post by Jas at Elk Creative on the case for Winter weddings. 

One of the greatest times of my year as a wedding photographer is every August when my emails start piling up again and my tummy gets churned with excitement for another season of brides, flowers, champagne and ‘I do’s’

At this point, Spring is just starting to have a bit of a comeback; the sun begins to shine again, watermelons are back in season and those lovely white legs are poking back out underneath sundresses to try and catch a case of the tans.

All I know about Spring is that weddings are coming and while that makes me insanely happy, at this point I’ve had a real withdrawal. Which leads me to my question: why do so few people get married in Winter?

I love couples who can brave the cold – any I’ve had in the past make me so happy. How are more people not doing this?!

There are so many perks of a Winter wedding day and for anyone looking to save a bit of money, the prices tend to drop in the off-season, so why not take full advantage of that little life-hack!

A lovely additive of weddings under 22°at the moment are faux furs which winter weddings cater beautifully for. Dolled up with a brooch to tick a ‘something old’ off your list, furs (fake of course) add an air of old-school elegance that are timeless.

Image Courtesy Two Tell A Tale

I hear so many brides panic about sweating in their gowns, but lo and behold, ladies, we rarely sweat in the cold! (Take it from me: I’m a sweat-monster and Winter is, as a result, my favourite time of year!) Remove that uncomfortable issue out of your mind altogether; a cooler wedding ensures you stay fresh and your guests along with you.

Speaking on behalf of all photographers everywhere, we love a challenge. There’s nothing that makes me happier than the prospect of a wedding location of conditions that are unlike anything I’ve shot before.

I’ve even seen wedding images in a downpour that are just next-level beautiful and moody skies create so much drama. You’re not going to forget an offbeat wedding with a weather twist any time soon and there’s no need to fear the ever-present possibility of rain on your wedding day. Umbrellas are a cute addition to the bridal party if you’re blessed with rainfall and indoor venues cater for any wet-weather conditions that don’t tickle your fancy.

Image courtesy Two Tell a Tale

Let’s not forget the wonders that are gumboots. They’re not only practical, they’ve become quite the wedding stable for a winter knot-tying – and with good reason. When you can literally buy a $40.00 pair of sparkly gumboots, how could you resist?!

Have I convinced you yet?

Don’t be afraid to have a winter wedding – embrace all the things that are traditionally a ‘bride’s nightmare’ and I think you’ll find yourself loving those things the absolute most!

Jas at Elk Creative

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