It seems like yesterday but it’s a whole 10 years ago that Mr S and I got married. On 18th March 2006 to be precise at All Saints Church in Church Lench followed by a reception at The Manor House hotel in Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire.


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I met my Husband on a cold and windy Friday night in October 2004 in Birmingham (back in the UK) during a planned after works catch up with a group of friends.  I was then a youthful 29 and working in commercial banking – verrry different from my current job in the wedding industry! The bar was busy and bustling and if they say love at first sight exists then I’m not going to challenge this theory.

Out the corner of my eye I spied a tall handsome young accountant – a friend of a friend – who walked across the dance floor and met my gaze with the most beautiful eyes and smile I’d ever seen. Warm, friendly, down to earth and quite frankly a breath of fresh air. We chatted freely and easily and the following week I received a text from this amazing man asking me for a date!

The date happened ( it went well that’s all you need to know!) and from there love quickly blossomed between us.

The engagement I’m sad to say was a bit of a let down and I frequently remind him of this however his counter argument is the whirl wind weekend in London prior to this which included 2 nights in a beautiful boutique hotel, dinner at a 3 Michelin star restaurant, cocktails at the Park Lane Hilton and a night at Convent Garden to see an Opera. Sooooooo I guess I’ll live with the under par proposal!

Our wedding date was set for 12 months after this and a venue was quickly arranged.  I’ve got to say at that time, being so busy with work I was a little bit behind with wedding preparations.  Until that is that real life took hold…. In November 2005 my Dad was suddenly diagnosed with guillian barre and needed emergency treatment followed by months of rehab….. This was closely followed by news that our wedding venue had gone into liquidation and we’d lost our deposit.

Christmas came and went and Dad thankfully began to recover really well so the hunt was back on for another wedding venue.

With the stress of Dad being ill I felt quite un motivated to start wedding planning in earnest however Mr S to be did some research and we found a beautiful hotel in the Cotswolds which was luckily available on our chosen date.

With another twist of fate we also found out we were expecting our first child so I was actually 10 weeks pregnant on the day we got married which could have created a dress drama however this was thankfully avoided (oh how I miss my pre baby body!)

Our wedding day so perfect that I can’t help but smile when I think about it and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Even the chair covers looked great which were oh so popular back then and I wore my tiara with pride!

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After the vows and a relaxing honeymoon in Mexico we were blessed with the arrival of our amazing Daughter and I would say that it was from this moment on that our marriage really began.

The day to day grit of work, life and parenting aka normal life has at times been pretty tough to the point where we’ve felt really challenged and I mean really challenged. When it’s been tough it’s hard to imagine life being like the fairy tale you feel it should be like once you’re married with a child. Like alot of working parents we’ve been so tired at times that we’ve been a bit neglectful of our relationship and we now make effort to have some ‘us’ time when we can.

We’ve had disagreements too – plenty of them in fact but doesn’t everyone? We try and apply the C & C rule to these scenarios which is compromise and communication and this has proven to work well for us.

But in spite of some not so good times, we’ve had some amazing ones too with the highlights being seeing our Daughter grow up and our move to Adelaide in 2012.

We count our blessings every single day and thankful that we’re still here together, happier than ever and proud to be celebrating this 10 year milestone.

Love Susie, Darren + Sofia  xxx

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