Table Planning Dilemmas


I would wage a large bet on most couples having a difficult time when it comes to arranging their seating plan.  I know I did.

I clearly remember the phone call my Mum made to me, in tears, asking me why my Great Uncle Arthur wasn’t sat on the same table as the rest of the family.  Our tables sat 10 and to include him would mean seating 12 at the table which simply wasn’t possible. I could seat him and his partner at the table but then I’d have to move another couple therefore creating another dilemma!  I was never going to win…..

Sound familiar?!

Family fueds, divorces, step parents, warring siblings, the list goes on. The fact is that you’ll never, ever, please everyone. Once you’re able to accept that then you’re halfway to shrugging of the stress of organising who sits where.

However here are some possible solutions to your table planning dilemmas.

Top table seating arragements can easily cause issues when there’s not enough room to have everyone you would like there or if relations are strained following a divorce or separation.

Traditionally the top table is for the Bride and Groom, Bestman, Bridesmaids and the couples Parents.  This is however tradition and these days anything goes so there’s nothing stopping you seating your Best Man and chief Bridesmaid only at the top table leaving the family to mix with the rest of the guests or host their own tables.

If  you’re feeling like you can’t accommodate everyone at your top table then you could also consider a sweetheart table where only the Bride and Groom sit.

The next thing to consider it whether you go for round tables or long straight tables.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages and your decision is largely based on the venue and the space that it affords.

Consider also who gets on with who and if you’re aware of any issues then you may decide to mix tables up with a mixture of guests from both the Bride and Grooms side.

Then once you’ve nailed the table plan you can move on to the fun bit of styling it and in the meantime, just remember, you’ll never, ever please everyone.

Susie x

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