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Today we’re excited to introduce Jas from Elk Avenue Creative who gives her hints and tips on how to ensure your wedding planning doesn’t (completely) take over your life!

I hate to break it to you all, but here’s the giant needle waiting to pop your newly-engaged bubble. Wedding planning isn’t all glitter and games (much to my disappointment). In fact, it’s a fairly unexpected kick in the pants that will result in sleepless nights, baggy eyes, endless cups of coffee and – more often than not – one impossible-to-please bridesmaid.

But fear not! We have the perfect emergency-kit bucket list that will save you from having a mental breakdown mid-plan. Here are seven quick tips to make your wedding-planning period a survivable feat.

Get a planner

These things are a lifesaver. Go down to your nearest stationery store and pick yourself up a wedding planner. It covers budgets, vendors, dates, meetings, and every other nit-picky detail you can think of.

Hot off the press are these new beautiful personalised planners by Adelaide girls Es & Elle . 

They’ve literally thought of everything to do with planning a wedding and will be your go-to when you need a reminder of what’s still to do or what you can check off the list.


I don’t care if you think you don’t have time – exercise will save you. It will release endorphins, clear your mind and sweat out your stress. Trust me, it works miracles and if you’re not setting aside at least ten minutes a day to walk and clear your head, you’re nuts!

Healthy Eating

While I’m not a huge believer in wedding diets, eating properly in the lead-up to your wedding will ensure that your body is switched on and your metabolism is alive and well. Primarily, it will give you every piece of necessary energy and brainpower that is crucial in organising your big day

Get off Pinterest

This sounds like the ultimate backwards step in wedding planning but it’s actually solid advice. Pinterest is a wonderful tool but at the same time, it’s so jam-packed with beautiful ideas that it’s impossible to reach conclusive decisions. The more you look at Pinterest, the more you will convince yourself you need things that are unnecessary. You will question your decisions, backpedal on choices you’ve already made and ultimately give yourself a migraine. By all means, use Pinterest to plan – knock yourself out! But once you’ve made choices, don’t second-guess yourself.

Get your sleep

This may seem obvious, however, you’d be surprised how sleep-deprived a bride-to-be can become. So where possible don’t skimp out on your sleep, it’s so crucial to ensure you don’t go Bridezilla overnight! Forget ‘Beauty Sleep’, I’m talking about ‘Sanity Sleep’!

Utilise your family & friends

Your family and friends are your greatest asset in planning a wedding. Get them on board! Designate jobs to your bridesmaids, let your family help you out; don’t be afraid to get all hands on deck. Nobody expects you to pull off an entire wedding on your own!

Enjoy yourself

The most underrated tip I have. Enjoy yourself! You only get to plan a wedding once, you’re not going to want to remember being stressed, overtired and under pressure. So try to relax, accept help from others, and give yourself an opportunity to hold onto a very fleeting time of your experience.

By Jasmine at Elk Creative

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