Spring ’16 Wedding Fair at Ayers House

Last Sunday, iconic heritage listed venue Ayers House played host to our spring wedding fair and it was epic!

It also marks 3 years almost to the since our very first wedding fair back in 2013 and also the very first fair we’ve distributed our brand new magazine (which we’re a little bit proud of we have to say!)

A stylish collection of local vendors across all core categories went all out to showcase creative inspiration so good that you’d want to virtually pin it to your Pinterest board.

We also have some sincere thanks to make.  Firstly to the amazing team at Ayers House who are so amazingly efficient, thoughtful and fun to work with.  They also provided us with the most stunning environment to work with so much character! Also to Rebecca, Jodi and Laura our amazing volunteers on the day, we can’t thank you enough for making the day such a success.

Check out some images we captured from the day!

2016-09-26_0001 2016-09-26_0002 2016-09-26_0003 2016-09-26_0038 2016-09-26_0039 2016-09-26_0040 2016-09-26_00412016-09-26_0004 2016-09-26_0005 2016-09-26_0006 2016-09-26_0007 2016-09-26_0008 2016-09-26_0009 2016-09-26_0010 2016-09-26_0011 2016-09-26_0012 2016-09-26_0013 2016-09-26_0014 2016-09-26_0015 2016-09-26_0016 2016-09-26_0017 2016-09-26_0018 2016-09-26_0019 2016-09-26_0020 2016-09-26_0021 2016-09-26_0022 2016-09-26_0023 2016-09-26_0024 2016-09-26_0025 2016-09-26_0026 2016-09-26_0027 2016-09-26_0028 2016-09-26_0029 2016-09-26_0030 2016-09-26_0031 2016-09-26_0032 2016-09-26_0033 2016-09-26_0034 2016-09-26_0035 2016-09-26_0036 2016-09-26_0037

Save the date for our next fair ~2nd April 2017 at Norwood Town Hall.  Details coming soon…..

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