Saving Money On Your Wedding

Just like every person is different, so is every wedding budget and let’s face it, wedding expenditure can easily get out of hand.  If you’re looking to shave a few $$’s off your wedding budget (um yes!), here’s a few quick wins to save you some cash. 



Repeat after me….whilst it’s all so exciting,  you really don’t have to have it all! Those cute bonbonnieres with name tags or custom embroidered napkins.  Nope, they’re not needed! When you’re making your initial plans, take some time to think about what’s most important to you both so that you can ensure your budget gets stretched to its best capacity. If photos are really important to you then go all out on hiring the best photographer you can afford. Then you have to compromise elsewhere so to balance this out you may look to cut out something else out of the budget.  Rather than a couture gown for example, look to buy something equally as stunning second hand instead {The Vintage Bride Boutique has a selection of stunningly affordable vintage gowns }

Being brutal with your guest list or bridal party is another obvious way of saving money too. Ask yourself, do you really need 6 bridesmaids, a flower girl, 2 ushers, a best man AND a page boy?!

Another way of looking at things is to invest in the items you’ll enjoy and use the most. For my Husband and I, we spent a little more on our wedding rings as we wear them every day.  On the flip side, we compromised on having a smaller wedding which helped us balance our budget in other areas.

Get Married Out of Season

Wedding season in SA begins around September until April with top vendors and venues generally flat out during this time.  How about booking your wedding out of high season where you may be able to score a better deal on packages and prices.  In my opinion, a sunny 20 degree Winter day beats a 40+ Summer day hands down!

Getting married during the week is also a viable option for saving some cash.

Go with the Seasons

As beautiful as they are peonies, for example, are only available for around 3-4 weeks of the year.  At all other times they have to be sourced from overseas which then makes them much more expensive. Ask your florist about using flowers which can be locally sourced and available in season instead. You could also save a little money by opting for a smaller bouquet or a wrist corsage for your Bridesmaids instead or maybe use your bouquets as top table centrepieces.

Stay Put

Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue can also save you money in transport.  You can then delay your ceremony time until a little later in the day which may also give you better light for your photographer to work with.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Whilst you may consider this an additional cost, wedding planners can help you reign in your budget and offer some great recommendations on using vendors you may not have considered. Read through our recent post on reasons why you should hire a wedding planner.

Reuse and recycle

You’ve heard the term something borrowed right?  Well, make sure you use it!  Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to borrow something and choose things like bags, shoes and jewellery carefully so that you can make use of them after the wedding which means you get to enjoy using them again and again.


Lastly, you can always look to do some DIY. I add a word of caution here though as this can be counter-productive, and create some unnecessary stress….. Only look to include some DIY elements if you’re 100% confident in the outcome, otherwise, you can become disappointed and turn into Bridezilla personified. You have been warned!

Or …….just elope!

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  • Really lovely blog!

    We have have working on something similar ourselves lately – we also included:

    Start shopping early as panic buying at the last minute doesn’t allow you to secure the best deal. Time it right and you can clean up with January and end of financial year sales too!