Sarah & Richi

This epic Adelaide Hills winter wedding will definitely change your views on getting married during the cold season.  Sarah & Richi simply beamed through their wedding captured by Two Tell a Tale featuring plenty of cosy touches and warm winter vibes.

The path to love for these newly-weds began as most do these days which is online except this was 8 years ago when online dating was a fairly new concept.

A few years down the track and after a Winter engagement at Mount Lofty House, they set about organising their very own Adelaide Hills winter wedding.

The weather in the hills, particularly in Winter, can be pretty cold and wet however luckily on the day, the clouds cleared revealing a spectacular blue sky day. Unbeknown to Sarah, despite Richi’s assurance of the contingency plans in place he was secretly very concerned as his surprise wedding gift hinged solely on fine weather. It was the surprise fireworks that Richi organised that became one of Sarah’s best moment from her big day.

With very little evidence left behind, we’re told that there were even wedding gatecrashers at this wedding; two mysterious senior citizens who cut up the dance floor and disappeared into the night!

We think you’ll agree that the cosy warm vibes and the spectacular fireworks make this a wedding that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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Photos Two Tell a Tale

Dress David Browne Designs

Florals Kabloom Flowers by Debbie

Bridesmaids Ferrari Bridal

Suit Jospeh Uzumcu

Celebrant Vicky Flanegan

Entertainment Ash Gale

Venue Mount Lofty House

Fireworks Ballistic Fireworks

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