Rubix Booths Winter 2014

Photo booths continue to evolve and they just get better and better!

Rubix Booths have exhibited with LCA a couple of times now and it has to be remarked at how friendly they are to deal with. They’re clearly extremely passionate about their business and the way it’s operated.

They have a number of gorgeously creative set ups and no end of fab props to use. Here’s some awesome fun pics from the Winter fair in Hahndorf – maybe you can spot yourself in them??!

Thanks so much to Rubix Booths for creating so much fun once again  : ) Check them out here Rubix Booths 2014-08-07_0004 2014-08-07_0005 2014-08-07_0006 2014-08-07_0007 2014-08-07_0008 2014-08-07_0009 2014-08-07_0010 2014-08-07_0011 2014-08-07_0012 2014-08-07_0013 2014-08-07_0014 2014-08-07_0015 2014-08-07_0016 2014-08-07_0017 2014-08-07_0018 2014-08-07_0019 2014-08-07_0020 2014-08-07_0021 2014-08-07_0022 2014-08-07_0023 2014-08-07_0024 2014-08-07_0025 2014-08-07_0026

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