The Rise & Fall of a DIY Bride

The rise of the DIY Bride has risen steadily over the years with its appeal of being able to put your own stamp on your wedding and to try and save a few $$ in the process. What’s not to love about that since weddings are expensive after all.

If you scour the internet you’ll find endless projects on blogs from making your own stationery, decor, flower arrangements and cake decorations.  You name it it’s out there in abundance.

Done well, DIY efforts can look amazing and along with potentially saving money, there’s a huge amount of accomplishment that comes from contributing to your wedding.

Saving money…..?!

So, the biggest appeal with a DIY wedding is saving money.

Now I write this as a Bride who made her own invitations almost 9 years ago.  I’m not sure why I decided to do it but I did.  That along with not getting a videographer, are the 2 things are the biggest regrets I have about my wedding.  Working in the industry now I’m surrounded by images of stunning paperie that makes my efforts look like something a kid in kindy could have done. Epic fail. I’m not sure I have a photo of them and even if I did, I’d be too embarassed to show you!

Like most Brides, I was working full time up to the wedding and so I had limited free time for anything let alone wedding DIY.  I recall frantically glueing and sticking in order of service information just the day before my wedding and thinking to myself that I should be doing other things like enjoying the build up and being present in the moments before my big day.

There’s also the cost to factor into all of this.  Does DIY REALLY mean you’re saving heaps of money??  By the time you pay for all of the materials (at retail cost) and potentially make some or alot of mistakes, would it not be better to commission an expert who can get the job done without you stressing out?

So my single advice to you is to seriously think before you embark on a DIY wedding project.  If you’re not at one with a glue gun and art wasn’t your thing at school, I’d leave it to the professionals.  You won’t regret it!


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