Rebekah & Luke

It was love at first sight for Bek and Luke who organised their relaxed back yard wedding in just 11 short weeks!

After figuring out what type of girl Luke liked, fate lent a hand when he saw Bek riding her bike past his house one day. They ended up hanging out with Luke quickly becoming known to Bek’s circle of friends as “the really cute guy that lived down the road”

Some mutual stalking commenced by them both in the form of intentionally running into each other. This resulted in them spending more and more time together and the rest as they say is history…..

The idea of getting engaged and married was mentioned many times with Luke secretly organising the perfect ring for Bek and making sure it would be an exact fit. “We knew we would get married. But I wasn’t really aware of what Luke was planning and so when he proposed and I saw that he had picked the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, I was blown away.” Bek recalls.

Luke enlisted Brilliant Earth to create Bek’s ring who ethically source diamonds using recycled materials. They operate under the idea of being ‘beyond conflict free’ which is was something important them both.

They’d decided long before they got engaged that they wanted a small backyard wedding with pizza, 80’s music and the warm glow of festoon lights. What was most important to them was that they were both comfortable and relaxed on their wedding day. “This meant ditching a few things you see at most weddings… no first dance, no father daughter dance, no grand entrance, no bridal party and the main thing for us, no walking down the aisle.” No walking down the aisle you say?! Yep you heard right. The idea of being the centre of attention and walking down the aisle terrified them both, so their solution was to do it together! What’s interesting is that they later found out that Luke’s Mum and Dad did the same thing at their wedding which was also on the same date as they chose to get married.

They called on their own skills and thank their friends for assisting in some hefty DIY’ing including decor and stationery and both highly recommend checklists as their ally in making sure plans to create their day in a mere 11 weeks were kept on track.

Their special day is summed up perfectly by Bek who said “It’s hard to pinpoint just one moment however as we were driving home from our wedding, I realised that it was honestly the best day of my life so far. Here we were, wearing some nice clothes, eating some good food and hanging out with our favourite people… all because we both loved each other enough to want to make an agreement to only kiss each other, for the rest of our lives. It was an amazing and huge thing to realise and it made me feel so immensely happy.”2016-06-06_0001 2016-06-06_0002 2016-06-06_0003 2016-06-06_0004 2016-06-06_0005 2016-06-06_0006 2016-06-06_0007 2016-06-06_0008 2016-06-06_0009 2016-06-06_0010 2016-06-06_0011 2016-06-06_0012 2016-06-06_0013 2016-06-06_0014 2016-06-06_0015 2016-06-06_0016 2016-06-06_0017 2016-06-06_0018 2016-06-06_0019 2016-06-06_0020 2016-06-06_0021 2016-06-06_0022 2016-06-06_0023 2016-06-06_0024 2016-06-06_0025 2016-06-06_0026 2016-06-06_0027 2016-06-06_0028 2016-06-06_0029 2016-06-06_0030 2016-06-06_0031 2016-06-06_0032 2016-06-06_0033 2016-06-06_0034 2016-06-06_0035 2016-06-06_0036 2016-06-06_0037 2016-06-06_0038

Photos  Dave Pascoe Photography

Make Up Gemma Vendetta

Hair Foxy Locks by Marday

Florals Minnow on Seaview

Pizza Woodfire Pizza

Cake Quintessential Cakes

Marquee Hire Festival Hire

Trestles and Chairs Lily & Bramwell

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