Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is a stress busting, budget savvy thing to do and here’s the reasons why!
 Reasons to hire a wedding planner

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s all too easy to overlook hiring a wedding planner as it can immediately seem like a) a cop out or b) an added expense you’d rather not budget for.

The majority of Brides may also feel that organising, styling and planning their wedding is a right of passage so passing this important task over to someone else just doesn’t feel right. The added expense can feel like a deal breaker too right?  No and no. Wedding planners are stress- busting angels who can actually SAVE you money.  Got your attention now didn’t we!

They’ve got your back

If you’re not a type A kind of personality then planning a wedding within a budget can seem pretty daunting and at times just all a bit too hard.  You see all the pretty pictures on Pinterest but haven’t a clue where to begin and you’ve got a social life that sometimes gets in the way. That’s ok! It’s a tough gig planning a wedding and you want to get it right…right?!

As leaders in the industry, wedding planners know who to call on when co- ordinating a dream team to make your ideas come to life. They know the movers, the shakers and the hidden gem vendors.  They’ll start by talking to you about your ideas and from there will work with your budget however big or small to enlist the vendors best suited to you as a couple.

Not only that, they may even save you heaps of cash by suggesting vendors that come in under your budget which in some cases may even mean that they pay for themselves! Now that’s what we call a win-win.

On the day

First and foremost, a wedding planner knows weddings back to front, upside down and sideways. They know what needs to happen, when, where, how and why. They’ve literally seen it all (best not to ask any questions though!)

Not only that, it means you can 100% relax during the day knowing that you’re not going to need to clock watch or worry about making sure things happen when they need to.  This is especially useful if you’re planning a wedding on a private property where there’s no onsite venue manager or co-ordinator.

Wedding planner Gemma from One of a Kind Events knows all too well the importance of creating and managing a timeline. ‘Without a properly thought out timeline, you could be totally lost and this was unfortunately the case for me at my own wedding! I was living near Gawler and getting married in beautiful Lobethal, which is an approximate 1 hour drive… if you go the right way!!! Our cars and drivers arrived early and since we were ready, we left earlier and I was left thinking that everything was going super smoothly and we would arrive early enough to have a glass of wine by the fire and have time to relax . My drivers decided to go through the city to Lobethal, making the trip longer and me and my bridal party 45 minutes late for my ceremony! If I had hired a wedding planner, there is no way this would have happened!  The quickest route would have been thoughtfully discussed between the vendor and the planner’

The Plan B

Just like life, things don’t always go to plan. Take for example the wet and stormy weather we’ve recently had. This has lead to many wedding plans having to change at a moments notice.  With a wedding planner by your side, you can share the load when it comes to making those changes happen with the minimal amount of stress.

Nicole from Your Party Plannery shares a recent experience of needing to change plans. ‘I had a couple that had to change their wedding completely 3 times due to health reasons and then subsequent budget changes. With my help during these distressing times I was able to help put their concerns at ease.  Without knowledge of businesses within different price brackets and talents (and at very short notice) I’m not sure this wedding would have gone ahead as smoothly and stress-free as it did.’

Check out the wedding planners on our directory who are ready and waiting to wave their wedding planning wands!

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