Reasons Not to Use Social Media to Plan Your Wedding

With most couples and vendors having some form of social media these days, it seems like a natural place to connect and begin wedding planning research, however, relying solely on it to plan your wedding isn’t recommended and here’s why.


As a marketing tool, Facebook and Instagram pages are vital in connecting vendors with potential clients and a great platform for showcasing their portfolio.

There’s also wedding forums, a place where mostly brides to-be chat about their planning, to ask questions and ask for advice. The common question that runs through the majority of posts on wedding social media forums is ‘can anyone recommend a….’ >>insert vendor category<<<  and just like that, within a nano second of hitting return you’ve got vendors popping up responses with their details. Sometimes there’s so many responses to whittle through that you’re back to where you started. Which kind of defeats the object of making it easy so you’re back to square one.

Not only that, just because a couple recommends a certain vendor that they hired for their wedding doesn’t mean that they are going to be exactly what you’re looking for either. You need to feel a connection with your wedding vendors before you book them (which is why wedding fairs are so good – yes bias we know!)

Unfortunately, social media can also have a dark side. It’s so sad to see however some people don’t give any thought in writing scathing and damaging reviews about vendors.  In these cases, it’s probable that there’s another side to the story that the vendor in question is not able to defend. If you do encounter any problems with your vendor, it’s always best to communicate with them directly as in most cases it’s something that can be sorted out between you.

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider is that many vendors for lots of valid reasons actively decide not to participate in wedding page forums, therefore you may be missing out on connecting with awesome and amazing vendors who may be a better fit for you and your wedding.

Coming soon to the blog, reasons to hire a wedding planner.

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