Why E shoots make your wedding photos better

The moment you become engaged you’ll need to get used to being photographed for a while.  Family and friends will all be snapping away at you both, your ring and at your engagement party and that’s even before the big day. An engagement photo shoot or e shoot as they are sometimes called is a great idea if you want to become used to being infront of the camera and making the most of it.


Image credit Susie Styler Photography

Most wedding photographers offer these sessions and some even include it in their package.

What you wear and how you style it is completely up to you and they can vary from being super casual to fairly formal with bouquets.  Go with the flow and think about what reflects you both perhaps event thinking about how to set the scene for the up and coming wedding.

Get to know your photographer

An e shoot is a great opportunity to spend some one on one time with your photographer and to get used to posing and taking direction particularly if you’re a bit camera shy.  Becoming more confident infront of the camera will only benefit you on your wedding day.  That I promise you.

Save the date!

The images will  also be a great momento to the time leading up to your wedding and can even be used as part of your save the date invitations.

Hair and makeup

By timing it right you can also look fabulous and make the most out of a hair and make up trial with your chosen hair and MUA.


Just another tip from me. Happy wedding planning xo


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