One Fine Picnic

The marriage of Jane and Sam and  took place almost a year ago now at Strathalbyn with the outdoor loving couple choosing to organise a beautiful picnic in celebration of their marriage. The setting in the Adelaide Hills incorporated lots of beautiful vintage ideas and decor into their beautiful day.  They chose Bridget Quain Photography to capture their day and knowing Bridget as I do, I know this was a perfect choice of photographer for this lovely couple.

Here’s their beautiful story…..

The Engagement

The proposal was both expected and unexpected! Sam and I had bought my dream engagement ring almost a year earlier, with Sam telling me he would propose when he was ready. I had just had a pretty rocky six months, suffering from bad anxiety and having a friend of mine pass away. When we went out to dinner at our favourite restaurant, I thought it was Sam’s attempt to cheer me up – not to ask me to marry him! We sat at Windy Point restaurant overlooking the city of Adelaide when Sam quietly excused himself for a minute. He came back, got down on one knee, popped out the ring in a box, and said “Katherine Jane Bowering, I love you very much. Will you marry me?” He kept it short, sharp, and shiny. It was perfect!


We both love the outdoors, so when we started planning the wedding we both had an outdoor wedding in mind. Sam suggested we have a picnic lunch and I was hooked! I am a big vintage lover and spend far too much of my time browsing the local op shops and retro shops; I wanted to have a vintage spin on our wedding, so we incorporated an old-school feel into our picnic.

The Dress

I found my first dress at a vintage store in Cairns before we were even engaged! Hiding it from Sam for the rest of the trip was difficult, but I somehow managed. Once we were engaged I had it altered by Jasmine at Sarta Boutique – it started out a dress that was six sizes too big for me, but I had a vision of the end product that I knew I’d love, as long as the alterations were possible! Jasmine was a dream and made my vision come true in just two weeks. I told Sam about the dress and he told me he liked the sound of it but had wished I had a long dress for the day rather than a knee-length one. Of course I then went on the search for a second dress!

I took my sister-in-law to see Rene at the Vintage Bride Boutique and she was amazing. We pulled out a series of dresses and loaded them up in the dressing room. However, I tried on my favourite dress from the pile first and realised I didn’t need to try on any others! I had fallen in love with it. Jasmine’s face when I walked in with a second dress was priceless. The second dress was also a vintage piece, owned by two sisters who each wore it for their weddings – one in the sixties and the other in the seventies. When Jasmine was lengthening the hem, we found a lock of golden hair sewn in with a blue ribbon. It was so strange but also so sweet!

I was really lucky that the dress choosing business was so easy for me as I know a lot of brides that have searched for months for the right one. I was also blessed with a beautiful bridesmaid who also fell in love with the first bridesmaid dress she tried on! That made the process so much simpler for us.

Favourite Moment

So many moments! Even just looking into each other’s eyes during the ceremony was amazing – I couldn’t stop smiling a big goofy smile. My brothers were MCs during the reception and played a hilarious game where Sam and I swapped one shoe with each other, and when they asked a question we had to hold up the shoe that belonged to the questions answer. When they asked who was messier, both Sam and I held up my shoe – he’s much tidier than I am! But when they asked who was the better cook, we both held up our own shoes! It has been a source of ongoing bake-offs and fry-ups ever since…


When you are in the process of planning your wedding, there are many people who will offer their advice to you. Our advice for other couples planning a wedding would be to take advice as advice, not as set-in-stone rules. You want your wedding to be a day that you enjoy and that reflects you both – that’s a hard task to do if you’re too concerned with following in the footsteps of advice that is thrown at you!

Sam and I wanted a day that reflected the way we live our life – laid-back and fun-filled. We ditched a lot of the advice and ‘must dos’ people mentioned to us and made our day our own.

Our other advice would be to give your Mums a job! A job that is an integral part of the wedding but is also time consuming is the best sort of job. It was lovely to have both of our Mums involved in our wedding, but it was even lovelier to have them focused on completing their designated task rather than focused on stressing us out with questions/ideas/thoughts/worries! Disclaimer: we both love our Mums dearly we promise!

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Photography – Bridget Quain Photographer

Bridal gown – Ceremony gown: The Vintage Bride Boutique

Reception gown: Crackerbox Palace

Alterations for both dresses: Sarta Boutique

Flowers – DIY per Mother of the Bride

Rings – Bell and Brunt

Jewellery/Accessories – Mother’s vintage earrings

Bridesmaids dresses – The Vintage Bride Boutique –

Grooms suit – Peter Shearer

Grooms Shoes – Windsor Smith

Bow ties / ties – made by Mother of the Groom

Ceremony – Glenbarr Camp & Conference Centre

Reception – Glenbarr Camp & Conference Centre 

Catering – Mytrle & Mae Travelling Refreshments

Celebrant – Rev Brian Chalmers

Hair + MU – Gemma Vendetta


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