Newly Engaged? Here’s 3 Handy Tips

Firstly, if you’re newly engaged, congratulations!

Being engaged is lots of fun and most importantly is a super lovely time to spend with your groom to be (or bride to be, Hi grooms!) plus you get to plan a wedding!

Secondly, there are a slew of articles on the web that tell you where to start when you first get engaged, a lot of these are overwhelming and can, more often than not, make you feel like you’re behind before you’ve even started. I’m two months away from walking down the aisle myself so I completely understand that taking the first steps down your wedding planning path can be the hardest. So whether you’re someone that has had their perfect day planned since they were 12 or someone who has never even considered what they want their wedding to be like, here are my top 3 tips on where to start when you become engaged.


I am so serious about this, it is the bomb. Even if you use it for nothing else other than wedding ideas, it is the number one place to start. Make that wedding board and pin like crazy! Eventually, you will notice themes and that you’re pinning similar things over and over.

Not sure what kind of dress you want? Not sure what sort of colour scheme you’re going to go for? Patterns will emerge! Decades ago women would buy bridal magazines, cut out all the pictures they liked and stick them all down, this is the exact same but with a lot less scissor and glue stick related injury.
Once you’ve pinned and pinned for a few solid months, go back through your board and delete anything that doesn’t fit with your themes/decisions you’ve been making. If it’s pretty clear you’re after a vineyard wedding, delete the pins related to beach weddings etc.
Pinterest also becomes a great sounding board for your groom/mum/bridesmaids/anyone else involved in the wedding planning because it’s basically a window into your mind. They’ll know exactly what you’re after and where you’re at and the whole process will be far more efficient.

2:: Attend Bridal Fairs

There are so many reasons why these events are ace. The most important is that it showcases your local vendors. You can read a zillion bridal magazines (which are also fantastic) but nothing beats having knowledgeable, reputable and local vendors laid out in front of you that you can chat to, ask questions and maybe even end up booking. They’re also great when you’re just getting started because they can help to guide you on your way of what sort of wedding you’re after.

When I found Love Cherish Adore (shameless plug!) I felt the asense of direction towards all the things I wanted at my wedding. You also generally get a little showbag of goodies and vendor info and more often than not the vendors run competitions for freebies or percentages off their services. They’re also a really great day out in general and it’s really fun to feel all bridey.

3:: Pick The Big Things First

Celebrant (particularly important), venues, rings, guest list, catering, the bigger things, in my opinion, are definitely where you should start. Because at the end of the day, these are the cogs that will get the whole machine moving. Unless you absolutely know that you want a specific pair of shoes or ring dish etc, then these sorts of finer detail decisions can be made later on in the planning phase (though I must admit, the very first wedding related purchase I made was our cake topper!)

Bonus tip:: Start Early

Now I don’t mean within the hour that the ring goes on! But I do promise that this will really help. The earlier you start to put some ideas in motion, jotting things down and opening that pinterest account, the easier the whole experience will be!

Love Kirby xx


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