My New Heirloom

Today has been pretty special for me as I picked up a new piece of heirloom jewellery from Andrew Mazzone Jewellers.  I’m not ashamed to say that I cried tears of joy either. Here’s the story……

A few years ago I very sadly lost my beautiful Mum. Words can’t describe how much I miss her.  She had been married to my Dad for 35 years and we’d only recently celebrated their milestone anniversary before she fell really sick.

Mum and Dad were married on 3rd January ’76 and when I was just 6 months old.  Their wedding wasn’t an elaborate affair by any stretch. I was too young to remember however there are plenty of photos of my Mum looking stunning in a floral maxi dress and hat and my Dad as usual looking dapper in a classic ’70’s suit.

Many years later and after a whole load of nagging, while on holiday in Greece my Dad finally bought her an engagement ring and so her plain gold band was remodelled to fit. I remember just how excited she was about this new beautiful solitaire that she deserved so much.

In 2013 my Dad came over from the UK to visit us and he gave me her wedding band to keep.  It was a beautiful and emotional gift to receive and my immediate thoughts were that I didn’t want it sitting in a box for years and years just gathering dust.

I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to turn it into a piece of jewellery that I can wear every day so I took it to Andrew Mazzone jewellers in the City. Andrew and his team worked their magic and today I picked up this stunning pendant. I bubbled tears of joy and I’m beyond excited about it. It’s simply perfect!!


I photographed it on an old book representing my parent’s story.

In years to come, I will gift this to my Daughter so that she can carry on enjoying this family heirloom for generations to come.

HUGE thanks to Andrew Mazzone for sympathetically rejeuvenating this special piece of family jewellery. xx

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