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Meet Adelaide wedding photographer Alex from Boutique Blinks. A super nice guy who’s pretty nifty behind the lens!


It was 2015 and I was fresh out of a 3 year adventure of living in Vietnam where I was teaching English. I’d come back to Australia with the intention of becoming a High School teacher so I’d just enrolled myself in a degree at the University of Adelaide. I also didn’t want to have much of a debt at the end of my degree so I asked a friend of mine who had photographed weddings in the past if he’d give me a few lessons on how to work a camera so I could do the same. After 12 months of finding my feet and tagging along to the odd event here and there I managed to get my very first wedding in April 2016. I’d got the bug. Within 4 months I’d dropped out of my degree and have been doing everything I possibly can to establish myself in the market since!

How Would You Describe Your Style?

I get asked this all the time! I think the important thing to remember for people is that ‘style’is so much more than just how the photos look. My goal is pretty simple; I want to take people back to those crazy moments every time they look at their photos and in order for me to do that I need to be much more than just a photographer. I place a BIG emphasis on getting to know my couples and this is because it’s their day, they need to feel comfortable and I want to take images that are meaningful to them but also surprise them with images they didn’t even realise they wanted until I show them off of course! My photos get to the heart of a couple and the people they love, not photos that reflect a favourite pose. For 95% of a wedding day I capture artistic images that will take people back to a moment, for the other 5% of the day I’ll be telling people to come with me to strike a pose in pretty light and to squeeze their grandma a little tighter if they want to.

What Do You Love Most About Your Business?

I love to create and I love community. These two things go hand in hand for the line of ‘work’ I do. The people that come into my life through my business are what drive me to create the best images I can for people. The fact that these images are timeless and full of my own creativity is incredibly satisfying! I’m inspired by people who are in love. When I find moments in people’s lives where a choice has been to made love one another, and not just the ‘feeling of love’ but the moments where it’s expressed, that for me is my ‘Why I Do This’ moment and the best part about my business.

What Are Your Top Planning Tips

Invest in the things that matter the most to you and don’t feel the need to follow tradition. You do you. If you don’t like flowers then don’t have them. If you don’t see the point in spending money on a big flashy car to drive you around, then don’t. I meet with a lot of couples and the first bit of advice I always give them when they say they’re stuck on how to plan this ‘massive, high pressure day’ is to do the exact opposite of that. Stop trying to plan a wedding and instead plan the best freakin’ party you’ve ever planned. Get the bubble machine you always wanted to have, get the petting zoo, plan to ride your skateboards down the road hand in hand, whatever it might be that you want to do, DO IT!

Where Do You Source Your Inspiration?

I’ve been so blessed to have great people in my life. I honestly look to them for my inspiration, how they show love to others, how they speak, how they care. Personally I think the photography industry can get a little too caught up in the mindset of the most important thing about being a wedding photographer how well you can use your camera or the gear associated when really it should be about focusing on the people and having a good time with them. This mindset is something that inspires me regularly and I hope to stand by it throughout my career.

Any Advice for Anyone Looking to Become a Wedding Photographer?

First and foremost your portfolio is EVERYTHING! I can’t stress this enough. There’s nothing worse than seeing inconsistencies in colours picture to picture in a photographers editing. Outsourcing your editing is a great way to get this right from the beginning and also practise while you go. I found this to be incredibly beneficial for me! Also, as a great man once said, “Keep your f**ing camera up and at the ready ALL the time!”  I was lucky enough to learn early on that so many of the best moments are often after a couple is done doing what you’ve asked them to do. Their walls are down, they’re together, madly in love and we as photographers are more than likely too caught up worrying about what we’re going to do next with them! Keep those cameras up!

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