Love on the Fleurieu

Now this wedding is something else.  I know as I was there but that’s a story for another time.

Photographed by Emme Jade Photography, the sweet union of Nick and Kelly took place this January with a ceremony at Wirra Resort Golf Club which provided a spectacular backdrop over towards the gulf followed by an evening reception at Leonards Mill. Bride Kelly shares some insight into her magical day…..

 The Engagement

Nick proposed to me on a beautiful beach at Dunsbrough, WA. We were on holidays at the time and Nick just couldn’t seem to relax! Little did I know the wet windy weather we were experiencing kept foiling his plans for an outdoors proposal. He eventually went and bought a pop up tent so that we could sit on the beach and have a picnic. After eating our lunch and cracking a bottle of champagne, Nick got down on one knee and proposed which made me the happiest girl in the world.

Nick had already chosen a beautiful ring however  it was a few sizes too big initially. I was sitting up on the rocks admiring it while Nick threw in a line to calm himself down. Next thing I knew as I tipped my hand forward to get a closer look at the side of the ring it came flying off and fell down between two boulders. I went into total panic however luckily as Nick had his fishing rod, we managed to hook it on the end of the rod and retrieve it after a few nervous minutes!!

 The Wedding

Since alot of our guests would be travelling to attend our wedding, we wanted to hold it somewhere where our guests could all stay together and make a weekend out of it if they wanted to. Futhermore as Nick and I both work in agriculture and love the ocean,  we wanted to have it somewhere rural and coastal so the Fleurieu seemed like the perfect place which is also where I grew up before moving to Victoria.

As far as styling I got most of the ideas from Pinterest and online and on the day we felt that the beautiful flowers from Blooming Bridal really brought the whole thing together.

Like the majority of couples we had a budget that we wanted to stick to so that made us prioritise what was important to us.  We wanted a photographer that we were comfortable with and could have fun with and who was also not going to be ‘in our face’ on the day, rather capturing the story of the day as they unfolded.

We also wanted our guests to be ‘fed and watered’ and really liked the fact that Leonard’s Mill showcased local produce.

Favourite Moment

The whole day was so much fun however I particularly loved sharing our personalised vows we wrote to each other and entering the reception venue, seeing the smiling faces of our beautiful family and friends and the claps and cheers as we were introduced as Mr and Mrs Slattery was overwhelming and completely uplifting.

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Photography: Emme Jade Photography

Ceremony Location and guest accomodation: Wirrina Resort

Flowers: Blooming Bridal

Entertainment: Paul Smith Entertainment

Cake: Frangipani Cakes

Reception: Leonards Mill


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