Love In The Adelaide Hills

Jayden and Becky were married this year at The Secret Garden in Stirling. Together they chose to keep their union fun, intimate and casual with a strong focus on friends and family.

Shot by Lucinda May Photography, this wedding is pure eye candy along with a whole lot of love.


We wanted something that ‘felt like us’ and hoped to create a fun and casual atmosphere. We knew we wanted our ceremony and reception all in the same place to keep it easy and to waste no time getting on with the celebration. When we discovered “The Secret Garden, Stirling” we fell in love with the magical amphitheatre we had walked into.

We decided on September for our wedding started to collect crochet blankets – loving the bright colours and retro feel, we thought they would be functional as well as decorative- who wouldn’t want a lap rug on a chilly evening!

I tried on quite a few wedding dresses from the more traditional boutiques but most of the styles were just too formal for the feel we wanted. I then went to “The Vintage Bride” and tried on lots of their vintage dresses. The store had a great vibe and helpful service – and I found one dress that fit really well! It wasn’t quite perfect but something about it just seemed right. After a few alterations done at “Sarta Boutique”, it all came together and I loved it!

We did some pinteresting and cut out pictures of things we liked from magazines. Coming up with an eclectic, bright, vintage, whimsical mishmash of ideas. Some of these ideas just came together at the last minute. We found the logs for our aisle and made our arch and signs just the week before! We hired some electrical spools for tables as Jayden is an electrician and liked this idea rather than using wine barrels.

We also had a pom pom theme. I stumbled across some strings of pom poms and then the children in my class got involved and made pom poms which we hung in the trees.

The band we hired set such a nice vibe for the evening and got everyone dancing.

Our favourite moments

We had our bridal party over for breakfast in the morning and it was so much fun and helped the day start in a relaxed way. Having a few laughs, some croissants and ice coffee and just chilling together was the best start to the day.

The boys left before we finished getting ready so Jayden didn’t see me in my dress until I was coming down the aisle. It was hard to believe the moment had actually come!

We loved the ceremony, although we didn’t think we would enjoy standing up in front of an audience to profess our love, it didn’t feel like that at all. It really felt as if it was us there together and everyone there loved us and was happy for us it was really fun! We also loved the speeches.

Having our grandparents there was so important to us. My Pop spoke in the ceremony, bringing a tear to everyone’s eyes, with his wise words filled with love, My Granny who we didn’t think would be able to make it due to her health, rallied and was there for the ceremony and Jayden’s grandparents, one from the country and the other all the way from England. Having them all there was a true highlight.


Have fun! Remember it’s a celebration and it is about the love you have for one another. Although planning a big event can get stressful, keep in mind why you are doing it and stay true to yourselves and make sure that it reflects what you want. We were lucky that we had great support and help from our friends and family. No one pushed their ideas on us, but everyone was happy to help us make our day what we wanted it to be.

The best advice, and something my mum has always told me about life, is that it’s not just about the destination it’s about the journey. This definitely applied to our wedding. The day, although we absolutely loved it, went so quickly. We had fun organising things along the way with our families and bridal party and we are looking forward to what life brings us in the future.

Our wedding was a wonderful celebration with all the people we love but it was just one day. So try not to sweat the small stuff! The night before our wedding my dad and step mum were bringing my wedding cake up to the venue. There was a little disaster along the way and the bottom half of my beautiful cake was smashed to pieces. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Jayden and I got to do the ‘cake in the face’ thing I had always wanted to do and eat half a cake with our friends the night before – then our wonderful friend and cake maker managed to whip up a new bottom half just in time and had it looking better than ever. Remember if something does go wrong it can make for a good story in the years to come!

We were big on the DIY but sometimes you need to rely on others. Choosing people to work with you that ‘feel right’ and you can trust can make things so much easier! All of the people we worked with were all so lovely and helpful and made our day just what we wanted it to be, from the celebrant, to the caterer to our photographer and everyone in-between. Once they knew our general vibe and what we wanted we trusted them and just let them do what they do best!

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Photographer – Lucinda May Photography

Venue – Secret Garden Stirling

Flowers – The Turquoise Rose

Make-up Artist – Hannah Playford

Celebrant – Sarah Warwick

Band – E Type Jazz

Wedding Dress – The Vintage Bride Boutique

Suit – Peter Jackson

Cake – Jenny Hanlin

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