Let’s Talk About Cake!

We’ve come a long way from 1980’s when wedding cakes were pretty standard.  A choice of fruit cake, white icing and a Bride and Groom Cake Topper. I found a few pics on pinterest but honestly they were too hideous to post here!

These days anything goes thankfully so you can incorporate your theme and personality into your day.  Different colours, metallics, naked cakes, small cakes, big cakes, hand painted, there’s so many influences out there.

As far as the cake itself, there’s so many flavours you can choose from and most good cake designers will give you a sample or 3 to try before you commit.

And don’t forget a stylish cake topper. Bluebelle Studio is a great local creator of toppers of all kinds.

Over this year there’s been a number of gorgeous cakes exhibited so I thought I would give you some ideas to get inspired by.


Above: Qween of Cakes


Above: Qween of Cakes


Above: Sugar Sugar Cakes


Above: Caitlyns Cakes                                                        The Sweet Tooth Factory


Above: Sugar Sugar Cakes


Above: Caitlyns Cakes – topper Bluebelle Studio


Above: Le Pink Petite Patisserie                                   The Sweet Tooth Factory

The best part of deciding on which cake to choose is of course the sampling process!  Save some for me…..

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