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It’s been 3 years since I’ve been back to the UK to see friends and family.  The fastest 3 years of my life I would say so it was definitely time to go back and visit.

I spent most of my time during my travels in Church Lench which is about 12 miles from Worcester (they still make Worcester Sauce there you know!) and Stratford on Avon which is of course the famous birthplace of Shakespeare.


2015-07-28_00012015-07-26_0014 2015-07-26_0001

Church Lench is a village within a cluster of other villages and hamlets called ‘The Lenches’ overlooking the Malvern Hills and boasts beautiful British country scenery.

I took a few walks while I was back, passing through memorable places such as the local church where we got married. The countryside vista was stunning with the hedgerows awash with local wild flowers and cute country cottages.

Taking about flowers, I also visited a flower farm nearby which provided the perfect backdrop to capture an up to date picture of my cute little Niece.

2015-07-26_0003 2015-07-26_0002

During my time away we also organised a fundraiser for St Richards Hospice in memory of my lovely Mum.  With thanks to friends, family and the support of the local community, over 100 people attended and we raised almost $4000 which was incredible!

2015-07-28_0002 2015-07-28_0003 2015-07-28_0004 2015-07-28_0005 2015-07-28_0006 2015-07-28_0007

We also headed south for a family trip down south to Bridport in Dorset and spent a lovely day in Lyme Regis for some traditional English seaside fun including lashings of ice cream and sand castle making.

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My trip whizzed by far too quickly and I’m now back to work putting together the final touches to the last 2 fairs at Chapel Hill on 30th August and Ayers House on 20th September. I really look forward to seeing you there!

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