The LCA Winter Wedding Fair

When LCA was first established back in 2013, we really had no idea that the creative wedding industry here in SA would continue to raise the bar at each fair we host.  We were yet again truly over whelmed yesterday at our Winter fair to be able to showcase so much jaw dropping inspo.

If you’ve not been to one of our fairs before, it’s near impossible to describe the love and warmth that our vendors deliver which leaves us all warm and fuzzy each time. Their friendly, likeminded culture and the passion that they have for what they do is so positive and community driven. Everyone just works so well together!

We can’t begin to thank this dream team enough and would like to say some special heartfelt thanks.  First up to sponsors By The Oaktree who yet again created magical inspiration.  Thanks also to CASO Light n Sound who created a lighting install with festoons which bought so much ambience to the venue.

We’d also like to thank Kies Wines for providing each guest with a refreshing and welcoming glass of their tasty Tina Sparkling wine and also to Jess from Lilac in Hand Photography and Nicole from Your Party Plannery for greeting everyone.

Liesa from Fleur De Lys had a ball with her flower crown workshop attendees who created some inspiring crowns.

As always we’ve captured some images from the day which is only a mere snapshot of what was available…..

2016-07-11_0001 2016-07-11_0002 2016-07-11_0003 2016-07-11_0004 2016-07-11_0005 2016-07-11_0006 2016-07-11_0007 2016-07-11_0008 2016-07-11_0009 2016-07-11_0010 2016-07-11_0011 2016-07-11_0012 2016-07-11_0013 2016-07-11_0014 2016-07-11_0015 2016-07-11_0016 2016-07-11_0017 2016-07-11_0018 2016-07-11_0019 2016-07-11_0020  2016-07-11_0022 2016-07-11_0024 2016-07-11_0025 2016-07-11_0026 2016-07-11_0027 2016-07-11_0028 2016-07-11_0029 2016-07-11_0030 2016-07-11_0031 2016-07-11_0032 2016-07-11_0033 2016-07-11_0035 2016-07-11_0036 2016-07-11_0037 2016-07-11_0038 2016-07-11_0039 2016-07-11_0040 2016-07-11_0041 2016-07-11_0042 2016-07-11_0043 2016-07-11_0044 2016-07-11_0045 2016-07-11_0046 2016-07-11_0047 2016-07-11_0048 2016-07-11_0050


The good news is that you won’t have to wait too long until our next and final fair for 2016 which is at Ayers House on Sunday 25th September.  This we promise you is going to be one heck of a fair as it’s also the launch of our brand new wedding magazine eeekkkkk!  If you’ve not already heard (where’ve you been?!) we’re going to print in just a few weeks time to present to you a wedding magazine like no other available here in SA.  Seriously this is lining up to be EPIC and a must visit so lock in in your diary and we’ll see you there!

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