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Preparing your skin in the lead up to your wedding is something we recommend looking into but certainly not just for your big day. Finding the right products to use is a great start too. Since turning a certain age, caring for my skin has become so much more important as youth it appears definitely isn’t eternal! Upping my skincare routine has now become a priority for me and something I really should have paid attention to some years ago.

I’ve also developed a keen interest in discovering and using natural products which are first and foremost not tested on animals and that are free of nasty toxic chemicals

It’s been a huge awakening for me as in the past, I’ve not even considered what goes into making well known and advertised brands which I’ve recently realised are just full of ingredients that I shouldn’t be putting on my skin. It’s a journey I wish I had begun years ago if I’m honest however it appears that I’ve been brainwashed into becoming loyal to certain brands because they’re available everywhere you turn.

To my absolute delight, I was recently contacted by Rebecca Brock who is the founding director of Palilco Bee Cosmetics,  a brand new line of skincare products that are naturally made from bees wax, honey and other natural products.

I simply couldn’t contain my excitement when a parcel arrived from Rebecca recently inviting me to try their whole range of products which have not disappointed in the slightest!  In fact, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with them all as they tick so many boxes for me.  They’re 100% organic and natural, kind to my skin and locally made. Tick, tick and tick!

Their range currently consists of :

  • Hydrating day cream
  • Clarifying cream cleanser
  • Hydrating mist (I’m going to be using this like crazy during the Summer!)
  • Hand cream
  • Cleansing gel
  • Lip Balm
  • Nail & Cuticle Treatment

I particularly love the subtle and organic fragrance to the range, which is a reminder of how natural these products are. I’m also impressed with the packaging too which is of a very high quality and rivals even well known international brands.

As well as getting the job done (and done well!) Palilco Bee cosmetics also boast some impressive benefits.  They’re full of antioxidants and vitamin A to help slow down signs of ageing (yesss!) they’re also incredibly moisturising without clogging up pores.

Perhaps the best bit of all is that it’s made right here in good olde South Australia which means we can support local.

Rebecca also mentions that this is just the beginning as they’re already planning on extending the range to include other products such as eye creams, primers and more! I’ll be signing up for those too.

For more information on this exciting new range, head on over to


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