LCA Loves ♥ Magpie Springs

Are you a looking for a quirky, rustic inspired, non wedding factory wedding or event venue?  Then Magpie Springs is the place for you.

Nestled halfway between Adelaide and Victor Harbour and just 5 minutes from Willunga, this gem of a winery is owned by accomplished artist Avril who has been transforming this 80 acre venue into a diverse winery offering probably the most wedding photography backdrops I’ve ever seen in one place.

I visited today with Jenna from By The Oaktree whose style has perfect synergy with this most gorgeous and diverse venue.

There’s so many places for a ceremony to take place with 360 degree beautiful surroundings. Even in the height of Summer as it is as I type, the gardens were green, lush and vibrant.

Due to the nature of the location and climate of the venue, a marquee is a must and there are options as to where this can be placed, in all cases offering the most gorgeous rustic inspired setting.

I’m looking forward to visiting this venue again soon to sample their wine and indulge in taking some more photos.

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