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Ever so often a vendor catches my eye and recently it was this little beauty by the name of Hank in Chief.  Mens bow ties remain a popular choice for Grooms and their Groomsmen however finding the right one can be a tricky little task…..until now!


Tell us more about Hank in Chief!

The story of Hank in Chief, well it all started a little before the 3rd August 2013 (the day I got married). I searched high and low for the perfect bow-tie for our Groomsmen and couldn’t find anything that hit the spot. So instead I found a fabric that we loved and I made them myself! Making, designing and sewing has always been in my blood so it felt only natural that I use my skills and make our bow-ties. After our big day and with quiet a few custom bow-tie requests, I began to realise quickly that there was a gap in the market for swanky handmade bow-ties. Before I knew it Hank in Chief was born.

There is something wonderfully uncomplicated about men’s fashion that I am drawn to. Men can be adventurous when it comes to accessorising and I love how it can bring out an aspect of their personality especially with a bow-tie.

A lot of what I do is custom design for weddings. It has become Hank in Chiefs obvious point of difference. Having also been there myself (in desperate need of the perfect bow-tie and finding nothing that will do) I do love being able to help my customers by finding the perfect fabric and seeing their faces when their idea has come to life. This is the best part!

I also offer a large range of ready to wear bow-ties on my website. These beauties each have a name, a personality and a year of inspiration that is drawn from the 1920s through to the 1950s. A handsome and classic period that I draw much of my inspiration from. As I sew each bow-tie I think about the type of chap that I envision wearing it. I guess you could say that there is a strong theatrical presence in what I do too.

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