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If you’ve found this blog post then it’s likely you’re a Bride doing some wedding planning.  Am I right?

When you’re sourcing your wedding vendors, at the top of your list will be finding vendors and suppliers who won’t let you down and without past experience or word of mouth then where do you begin looking……

There’s just so many out there to look at so it can feel like an overwhelming task hey.  So how easy would it be to find like minded suppliers all in one place?!

If you hover on this page just up to the right, you’ll see a tab called D I R E C T O R Y and if you’ve not dived on to this page then I urge you to do it asap!

Filled with a wide range of awesome vendors and suppliers, there’s everything you’ll need to plan a wedding and more!

All of the vendors listed on the directory are some of the most creative, forward thinking and talented wedding and event business in the state.  Some you may have heard of before however many are small operations who don’t have the time, budget or desire to showcase their work at large wedding fairs or well known magazines. They are hidden gems that I’ve spent hours searching for to make life easier for you.

You’re welcome!!!

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