Laid Back + Lovely

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your day a laid back affair without skimping on style then this wedding at Russell’s Pizza in Willunga is one for you. Captured by Evan Bailey Photography and featuring lots of DIY elements, this wedding has a lovely wholesome vibe about it. Enjoy!


We’re both pretty relaxed people and wanted a wedding with a casual, social vibe where we could maximise time with family and friends. A friend recommended Russell’s after having her wedding reception there and loving it. We went for dinner one weekend when we were back in Adelaide and fell in love with the space and the atmosphere. Emma and the gang were super helpful, and many of our friends and family are still raving about the pizza’s.


I popped the question while we were holidaying in the States. It began with a proposal atop Sentinel Dome overlooking Yosemite National Park, and finished six weeks later with a NYC treasure hunt. We didn’t tell family and friends until after NYC, so it was nice to have the little secret to ourselves for most of our trip.

The Wedding

We both enjoyed every moment of the day – but as everyone always says, it fly by too fast.

Even the ‘getting ready’ part of the day went quickly – I was clearly having too much fun preening (and indulging in a magnum of Moet) with my friends. The hair and make up girls (Stacey on make up and Nic on hair) were amazing, and so flexible with the ever-changing time slots and people – they really helped make the day completely stress free.

We had our photos before the ceremony, and it was lovely to have that time together first – Evan, our photographer, even managed to catch a few rainbows! The ceremony itself was fun – lots of laughs (and a few tears) with all of our nearest and dearest. Our celebrant, Kellie, kept the ceremony simple and fun, and took the (unexpected) crowd participation in her stride. Evan and his photobooth (OhHello) were also great fun and the photos turned out great!

The dance floor was also a highlight of the night, we asked our guests to include a song request with RSVP. DJ H was did a great job in the decks mixing everyone favourite tunes!
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Wedding dress:  Custom made by Helen Pearson  0404 986 805

Wedding invites and logo – Jem & I

Venue and catering – Russell’s Pizza, 13 High Street, Willunga SA

Makeup – Stacey Bateson Makeup Artist

Hair – Nicole of Anamnesis

Flowers – DIY family and friends [Ali with the assistance of wine!]

Car – Charles, owner Sophia

Decorations – DIY family and friends [bunting by Mum, and most of the other decorations were “borrowed” from Alex’s cousin’s house]

Succulent bombonnieres – DIY by the Groom and family and friends

Cake – DIY family and friends [Natasha and Val]


Celebrant – Kellie Najjar

Groom wears Peter Shearer

Rings – W. Eckstein & Co

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