Koko & Daniel

Who knew that a late night burger after a big night could lead to love….?!

Koko and Daniel had their first date at the legendary Garden of Unearthly Delights and haven’t looked back since. After seven years together and after arriving back to Adelaide from Melbourne after a work trip, Koko knew that Daniel was up to something when she noticed that there was a picnic basket and their dog Frankie in the car. Daniel drove down to the beach and I knew something was happening! He set up the platter whilst Frankie was running wild on the sand – all of a sudden Frankie bolted towards us and the platter was ruined due to being covered in sand! We laughed and Daniel then said ‘I’m not very good at this Kokes, you know I love you – will you marry me?’ – I responded with ‘it took you long enough – of course!’

In 2017 they made a move to Springton where Daniel went back into farming and their big day will be at their home on the farm with a dusk ceremony followed by a feast of Barossa food and wine. Since home is where the heart is, it makes sense that their engagement shoot by Lilac in Hand Photography was taken at the place that they love with the animals they adore.

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