Key Tips when Hiring a DJ

David Bartholomeusz from Griffin Alliance has some great tips to consider when hiring a DJ. From someone who has hired DJs for over 15,000 gigs, he’s more than experienced! Entertaining your guests well ensures your big is a day remembered by all so it pays to use someone experienced like Dave.

Use an agency that has a rating system

Ensure that the agency you use has an independent accountability and rating system that allows you to personally score & review your DJ after the wedding in a way that gives them more work or higher pay in the future if you give them a high rating. A system like this aligns the DJs interests with yours since you both want a 10 out of 10 performance from your DJ.

Pay about $700 to $1200

I’ve now placed over 15,000 DJs at gigs ranging from childrens parties to raves, to huge corporate shows and, of course, weddings. We don’t want to spend a cent more than we have to to get the job done right, but also we would rather spend just a little to much and make 100% certain that it goes off without a hitch. What we have learned from over 5000 returned customer surveys is that if you want to supply a DJ that will get a wedding right, don’t go below $700. We have also learned that once $1200 is spent, more money doesn’t lead to a better feedback score.

Book about 20-12 months out

This is simple supply & demand. Myself and the other top 10 DJs in Adelaide can only DJ 52 Saturdays a year. That’s 520 weddings that we can do. There are about 6000 weddings every year in SA along. We book out about 6-12 months in advance. So if you want the best, get in first.

Make sure they take requests

If they don’t, don’t book them. It means one of 3 things and all are bad. Either they are inexperienced and don’t know what songs to say no to, they are a club DJ who only pays one style of music and can’t be versatile for all your friends & family, or they are lazy and just want to play generic party winners all night and not make the wedding special.


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