How To Organise a Wedfest

 All rise the Wedfest. A fun festival of love where friends and family gather to celebrate a new marriage.  They’re down to earth, heaps of fun surprisingly easy to organise!

Wed Fest

Image credit Susie Styler Photography

These types of weddings are becoming more and more popular and it’s not hard to understand why when they take away alot of the stiff traditions (and drama!) that weddings can be associated with. They’re designed to bring the fun of a festival and bring it to a wedding celebration which gives it that casual boho vibe.

There’s a few key elements you’ll need to pull it all together and the good news is that Adelaide has all of these in abundence.

Now obviously it goes without saying you’ll still need to organise a celebrant (we recommend hitting up our directory if you’re looking to organise one!) so once you’ve locked them in it’s on to organising the rest.


First up you need to find a venue.  Somewhere with an old barn, show hall or shearing shed surrounded by countryside (for some onsite camping or glamping perhaps?!) is just the ticket. Friends and family who own farms suddenly become very handy indeed! The more space you can find the better so that you can create different areas using bails of hay as seating and shade umbrellas dotted around.


Image credit Evan Bailey Photography


Image credit Evan Bailey Photography


Get your Outhouse in order

Bearing in mind you could be in the middle of a field, you’ll need to be practical and arrange some proper bathroom facilities.  We’re not talking any old portaloo either.  The type of loo you see on a building site just doesn’t cut it ok! Especially when you need to take into consideration that there’s a Bride who doesn’t want her dress to be dragged through such an ordeal. Toilets are a place of function and also a place for us Ladies to power our nose. We’re quite rightly a little particular when it comes to where we ‘go’ so thankfully there are companies such as The Outhouse who can provide such luxury and trust us it will be money well spent.

The outhouse 2016-03-04_0004

Styling & Lighting

We asked Event stylists By The Oaktree to give us their thoughts on what kind of props and furniture to organise.

‘The key to this look is to embrace the natural country setting using plenty of textures and casual styling elements.  Think long timber tables, picnic rugs and cushions, macrame and plenty of festoon lighting and candles. Boho styling elements like rattan furniture, peakcock chairs & rugs also work really well with the vibe of this kind of a festival inspired wedding.’ says Jenna from By The Oaktree.




If you’re on a budget then this part is good news.  The look you’re going for here is simple, wild and gathered along with lots of foliage and native flowers that are easily and casually arranged in small glass or brass vases. This also goes for your bouquet to compliment the look.


Image credit Susie Styler Photography


Food & Drink

At the heart of any celebration is of course food and drink and in keeping with this laid back style, it’s food trucks all the way.  There’s so many of them around in SA these days (see Fork on the Road) so there’s plenty of choice with burgers, hot dogs and hot chips all the go.


Image credit Evan Bailey Photography


Drinks wise then it goes without saying they will be flowing  so to ensure no one goes thirsty, getting a BYO mobile bar onboard is an absolute must.


If you’ve not been introduced to Miss Fisher yet then let me do the honours. The brainchild of Kathy and Ross Elliott, Little Vintage Bar and Van aka Miss Fisher was rescued in 2014 from retirement as an old caravan alongside a river shack.

Thanks to the skill and vision that Kathy and Ross share, she has been brought to life as a stunning mobile bar. Not only is she a real talking piece  but she’s highly practical too as she takes away all the stress of you having to organise a satellite bar, glasses, ice and for someone to pour your drinks. In addition you save money by being able to purchase your own drinks which is more great news for the old budget.


Image credit Photography by Karen


“Mobile bars allow you to choose a venue that has a special connection, a family farm or a location with the flexibility to express your own style. An opportunity to offer your guests a unique “bar experience” to gather and interact, share stories and reconnect. Mobile bars are conversation starters and add a beautiful styling element to a celebration” says Kathy from Little Vintage Bar and Van.


So there you go! How to organise a Wed Fest in one blog post! Get in touch if you’re planning a festival inspired wedding as we’d love to feature it here.

Styling:  By The Oaktree

BYO Vintage Bar:  Little Vintage Bar & Van

Mobile Bathrooms: The Outhouse

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