How to choose the right wedding photographer

Local Adelaide wedding photographer Lucinda May Phototography guides you through choosing the right person to capture your wedding.


Choosing a wedding photographer can be overwhelming. There are so many out there and you can easily start second guessing yourself as to who is the right person for you. Do I need all the bells and whistles and how many hours coverage do we need?

Weddings can be expensive so having it captured properly is vitally important. Through your photos, you’ll remember all those details you have been planning for months maybe even years and most importantly your love for one another. I have been where you are now, I know it is a very exciting time and once the day is done, your photos will be treasured.

There are many horror stories out there about photographers not delivering on their promises so I have created a few pointers to choosing the perfect photographer for you. Please don’t take this as a “book with me, I am awesome” post, it’s not. It’s just me sharing my own personal experience as both a past bride and as a photographer myself.

Make sure you get along with them

Wedding days are long days and most likely you will be spending 8 or so hours of your special day with your photographer. They will be there for all the moments of your day, almost like an honorary bridal party member so you’ll want to get along. Meet with them before you book if you can. They will most likely insist on this anyways but it gives you a chance to get to know each other. Feeling at ease with your photographer leads to the best photos, having the trust in them to do their job well allows you to relax and soak in those moments for them to capture.

Do you connect with their style?

Every photographer is different and will have a different style, what one photographer sees through their lens will be totally different to another. That is why style is very important and you need to love it. Check out their blog if they have one and the weddings they have photographed, that will give you a good idea on their style of photography and their creative eye. If you can look through a strangers wedding photographs, fall in love with the photos and feel the emotion of their day there is a good chance you will fall in love with your wedding photos even more.

Ask to view a full wedding collection

If you view any photographers facebook page or website most likely they are showing you their ‘glory’ images. Maybe one or two images from each wedding that are amazing but are all their images up to scratch? The best way to get a feel for what type of images you will receive from your photographer is to view an entire wedding collection. You want to make sure if you hire them that they will provide you with good quality images throughout the day.


Don’t make your decision purely on price

I know you probably have seen this point and thought to yourself ‘not this again’ but I really do need to put this in here. I have had so many couples come to me after the wedding or just before the wedding telling me they wish they had hired the photographer they loved but instead they hired on price. I know it is a big factor when planning a wedding everything is so expensive and don’t get me wrong I am not telling you to go and hire the $5000 + photographer just because they are more expensive so they must be better. You want to love your wedding photographs so if you do value your photos please do your research. It is sad when I hear horror stories as I can only imagine the disappointment the couple must feel. There are no re do’s when it comes to your wedding. If you are trying to stick to a budget I always suggest to my clients to first get the coverage you want for the day, products like albums and prints can be purchased at a later date. Chat to them about the number of hours you need as well, you may think you need a full day wedding coverage but in reality, you probably don’t and every photographer works differently with their timelines.

I hope this helps in some way for anybody who needs it, maybe it brought a different aspect to your decision process when choosing the photographer for you.

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