Why Hiring a Wedding Planner Is a Good Idea

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like juggling glass balls. There’s so many things to consider and slotting this all into place with a timeline and budget to adhere to can feel overwhelming. Hiring a wedding planner to assist you is a relatively new phenomenan and something that could be considered to at the bottom of your list when it comes to your wedding budget.  The good news is hiring a wedding planner is not as expensive as you think!

LCA exhibitor Yvette Lagozzino is the owner and creator of Dapper Events, a local SA based wedding planner who has a number of packages to suit all budgets from on the day co-ordination to helping you every step of the way.

How did Dapper Events come to be?

Dapper Events came to be as a lover of weddings who enjoys planning events and thrives on being organised so I decided to turn it into a career. When it comes to working I believe in the saying “Do what you love; love what you do”. I am a sucker for weddings and always get teary when I attend one. It’s such a lovely event to be apart of especially the ones where personal touches about the couple are used to create a unique experience.

Please expel the myth that planners are an expensive luxury!

Wedding Planners are great for everyone. I have met couples who work and study or work irregular or full time hours and they just do not have the time to plan a wedding. An average wedding takes approximately 200 hours to plan from start to finish so knowing that a dedicated professional is planning your wedding with your ideas in mind can be very reassuring to couples. As a wedding planner I have access to local vendors and suppliers where I may be able to get items at a discounted price which I then pass on to my couple.

What are the added benefits of hiring a wedding planner?

I believe the number one benefit of hiring a wedding planneris to ease the stress associated with planning a wedding. Wedding planners have trusted vendors and suppliers they can recommend and like I mentioned they can even negotiate prices for the couple. Also using someone who can look at your wedding from a different angle and make suggestions or tweak plans so the execution of the couple’s ideas is flawless. There are couples out there that have no interest in planning their wedding and that is where a wedding planner would also come in handy.

What does on the day co ordination involve?

On the day coordination is my bronze package and it is for couples who have booked everything for their wedding and they just want confirmation of their bookings and a dedicated person there on the day to ensure the coordination of the couple’s plans are fulfilled and the day runs smoothly. Using a wedding planner for on the day coordination is like having your very own personal assistant.

Approximately a fortnight before the wedding I contact all booked vendors and suppliers and introduce myself and confirm bookings, arrival times and check if any remaining payments are due. A run sheet is then compiled with these times and any specific details and this can be given out to close family, the bridal party and photographer which is a great time management tool. I even attend your ceremony rehearsal.

Certain tasks I would carry out on the day is ensuring the ceremony and reception spaces are decorated to the bride and groom’s liking, usher guests, help organise the bridal party, cue music for the ceremony, gather family and friends for photos, finalise any payments to vendors, pack up any decorations, early arrival at the reception to liaise with venue staff, DJ, MC, band, ensure the cake has arrived and set up additional items that doesn’t come under the venue staff’s job description.

I even carry with me an emergency bridal kit filled with bobby pins, panadol, hairspray, band aids, sanitary products, mints, sewing kit, wipes etc to ensure I can attend to everyone’s needs.


See, I told you, wedding planners aren’t unaffordable!


Yvette Lagozzino | Dapper Events

Wedding & Special Event Planner


e: info@dapperevents.com.au

t: 0410 804 608


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