Garage Sale Chic

A garage sale is probably the last place you’d think of going to on your wedding day but not for relaxed couple Dimity and Ben.  Captured by Joshua Kane Photography, this wedding is creative with a capital C and includes many gorgeous DIY details plus of course the visit to a local garage sale, as you do! Here’s their story….

The Proposal

Whilst holidaying in Bali back in 2013, Ben took Dimity by complete surprise when he proposed at a beach bar in Seminyak. After a lovely dinner with friends they watched the sunset and the waves crashing in on the sun beds, when Ben leant over and popped the question. In shock Dimity’s response was ‘are you serious’? Followed by an excited YES!


Vintage, Rustic, Personal and intimate are all words this couple use to describe inspiration for their big day. Coming from a Greek background and attending large greek weddings, personal and intimate was what they were looking for.

The Wedding

Since McLaren Vale is their favourite wine region in South Australia,  it was a no brainer when they were deciding on a location for our wedding. They visited several wineries in the region on a sunny Sunday afternoon and Serafino, McLaren Vale was the easy winner for them. Not only for the picturesque grounds, appetizing food, great wine and the convenience of on-site accommodation but the large guest capacity made their decision very easy.

Advice For Other Couples

‘As hard as it is, make sure you plan the wedding that you are your fiancé invision. It is easy to get carried away with the ‘must haves’ and traditions, but remember to stay true.  Also, make sure you chose a photographer that suits your style.’

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Photography:  Joshua Kane Photography

Venue: Serafinos

DJ: Disco City Sounds


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