Focus on Hair & Makeup III

So you’ve engaged a freelance  Hair & Make Up Artist for your wedding day. Here’s how to get your space ready for them on the day with advice by the experts at the Barossa Style Bar.


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Hair and makeup artists have a lot of tools and equipment they need to bring with them to ensure they get you looking your absolute best for your day. By creating an adequate work space for your stylist to work from means your wedding day will get off to the best start possible.

First up,  it’s a good idea to make sure you have a designated area with big open windows or somewhere with great natural light. 

Most makeup artists will bring their own chairs to work from so clients are at the correct working height and often their own lighting too. However, flattering natural light is always best to work with and achieves the best outcome. 

Kitchen tables are perfect work benches for both hair and makeup artists to set their equipment on. That said, if you plan on using the same space for other preparations or for food and drink then we recommend setting up a separate table. 


Prior to your wedding day, you should have a clear schedule or running sheet for hair and makeup preparations so it’s a good idea to delegate someone to make make sure that all parties are available (showered, fresh-faced with clean hair) when they are required so you don’t fall behind.


Be courteous and offer your Hair & Make Up Artist refreshments and a light snack. Often we’re are working from very early in the morning through breakfast time and quite often lunch as well without a break. Most artists will take their own drink and light snack, but it is so nice to be offered something fresh throughout the day.  

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