The First Look

Traditionally, the Bride and Groom don’t see each other before the wedding as it was considered to be bad luck. They get ready separately and only get to see each other for the first time as the Bride walks down the aisle.

There’s plenty of beautiful images captured of this beautiful moment where the Groom sees his beautiful Bride for the very first time as she glides down the aisle. Then, the ceremony begins….

For some Brides (and Grooms!) however the pressure of this moment hapenning infront of a crowd of guests can be a little overwhelming. Que tears and messy make up oh dear.

So how about breaking with tradition and opting for a first look instead.

What is a first look and why might it be beneficial to you?

There’s pro’s and con’s to most things in life however let’s start with what it is and the pro’s.

A first look is time for a Bride and Groom to come together, in private  for around an hour before the ceremony. A pre arranged secluded spot is scouted by the photographer where the Groom nervously waits for his beautiful Bride who walks towards him and taps him on the shoulder. He then turns round to see her for the first time.


Image Source ( Pinterest )

WOW. So powerful.

For many couples, this magical and private time together helps to ease any nervousness they may have had prior to seeing each other therefore making the ceremony alot less stressful.

It’s also a great time for photos too as you’re not rushing to spend time with your guests, your hair and make up are fresh and there’s enough natural light for flattering images therefore creating a calmer timeline to your day.

So why not break from tradition and organise a first look with your Husband or Wife to be.

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