The First Dance

For some couples the first dance is an opportunity to wow the socks off your guests with a dirty dancing inspired routine with a lift crescendo. For others, it’s a slow lovey smooch infront of your nearest and dearest.  For some (like me and Hubs) it’s a frightening thought and so it was axed from our schedule entirely.

I kind of regret that decision now as if we’d had time to get some proper dancing lessons I’m sure we could have put together something that made us look like we were long time dancing partners. Time wasn’t on our side though as we organised our wedding in a bit of a rush (and I was also expecting our Daughter at 10 weeks!)

The song you and your fiance choose a personal one and like everything in life, there are trends of certain songs that are popular. To help you along your way,  Spotify recently analysed over 30,000 tracks and put together a playlist of the  most requested first dance songs of 2014.

You’re welcome!


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