Find Your Wedding Style

Defining your wedding style is quite important as in many ways it’s a reflection of you both as a couple.  The good thing is there’s a whole range of wedding styles you can look to incorporate into your day. Here’s a few tips to get you started.


Photo credit: Bridget Quain Photography

Your Style & Look

First up think about you as a couple and you’re half way there to choosing a style that helps to tell the story of your union. Your day to day style, your passions and hobbies along with your heritage may play a big part in this.  Are you glamorous city loving couple or perhaps you share a love of the outdoors?  Maybe travel is your thing or you’re crazy for boho style?

The key from here is to keep it all consistent so that it flows right through from the stationery, the flowers and the reception styling but without being too matchy matchy.

For inspiration, wedding magazines, blogs and fairs are an obviously great place to start getting some ideas along with Pinterest to create a board to share with your key vendors.  Pinterest does come with a little warning though as it’s hard to guage the local availability of certain items and also the cost of creating them here in SA if you need to import anything.


Choosing a colour scheme compliments your wedding styling and can help to carry everything through.  Remember too that it doesn’t have to be just one colour either, it can be a combination of many.  I love this website by Adobe which creates a gazillion colour combinations however it’s pretty addictive! Have a play and see what you come up with.



For some people, nailing wedding styling can be pretty overwhelming and that’s ok because there’s help at hand! Maybe consider hiring a stylist or wedding planner to help you out. They’re trained to know what goes well together which kind of vendors work well to acheive your desired look.

The great thing is that once you’ve got your style sorted, you’ll find choosing your venue a whole lot easier!

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