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I’ve been wanting to support a locally based charity for a while now and stumbled across Essentials For Women on facebook recently.  It really struck a chord with me and I immediately contacted them to find out more.

Here’s what Amy, who is one of the founders has to say…..

Essentials 4 Women SA is run by Kelly & I, two Southern Adelaide Mums, and to date this kind of donation campaign has never been done in South Australia before. People do donate generously to various charities and campaigns but for some reason the thought of sanitary items never crosses their minds. I assume this because they don’t realise these bare necessities are not provided to women for free, like razors or condoms are to blokes.

Our first drive in April/May this year generated over 10,000 donated items – which was beyond our wildest expectations! We had drop-off points from the Barossa Valley down to Goolwa.

Mission Statement

For disadvantaged women, Essentials 4 Women SA aims to provide the basic, but costly, items for feminine hygiene including sanitary products and underwear. Our passion for helping women promises to help empower and enhance the wellbeing and dignity for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Core Principles

At Essentials 4 Women SA we believe that:

  • Every women has the right to access sanitary products every month;
  • Essential toiletry items are exactly that – essential – not a luxury, that every woman should be able to access;
  • By making these items accessible to women in need, their dignity as a woman is enhanced.

Their long term goal is to get to a point in South Australia were vulnerable women no longer need to menstruate without dignity and to resort to disturbing decisions such a making the choice of either buying food or buying essential sanitary items.


The next donation drive is from 13 September – 17 October and obviously Amy and Kelly are keen to smash the previous number of donations. They had no idea how many donations they would receive so they tried to keep the list of beneficiaries quite narrow to homeless and domestic violence shelters but they’ve already have committed to providing donations to various youth and refugee services from the next campaign.

The idea of supplying such a basic need to women, who would otherwise go without, really has hit a chord with me. I’m fairly sure most women have been caught unawares by their period and had to create makeshift pads and the thought of having to do that most of the time is truly quite confronting.

For this reason, Love Cherish Adore is supporting Essentials 4 Women with their next donation drive by giving them a drop off point at the Ayers House fair this coming September 20th.

 You’re invited to support by bringing along a donation and have a chat to these lovely ladies about this wonderful charity on 20th September at Ayers House.

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